People share vintage photos of stomach-churning recipes of the past

People share vintage photos of stomach-churning recipes of the past

Dog’s dinner! People share stomach-churning recipes from the past – including a jellied spaghetti hoop pie and a ‘gingerbread’ house made from SALAMI

  • Bored Panda share vintage stomach-churning recipes from around the world 
  • Some recipes included a jelly and spaghetti hoop pie and salmon avocado cake
  • Another bizarre combination was a tuna, cheese and macaroni cake loaf

Home chefs in the 1950s and 1960s had a very bizarre idea of what constitutes a good meal.

A Facebook group called Disgusting Vintage Recipes shares some of the stomach-churning creations from around the world that seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bored Panda collected some of the most eye-watering dishes on the group which disregard the culinary rules we have been taught throughout our lives.

One recipe included jelly and spaghetti hoops topped off with sausages and olives, while another even encased the humble salad in a gelatinous disaster.

Here, FEMAIL explores some of the most shocking flavour combinations that might put you off your dinner…

Facebook group Disgusting Vintage Recipes showcased this very bizarre jello-spaghetti hoop pie topped with sausages and olives

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Yuk! This Salmon avocado mold is enough to put anyone off their dinner, the recipe included blended salmon and olives mixed with gelatine for the filling 

The stuff of nightmares! If you’re looking to get your kids to start eating fish, avoid this pie at all costs

What a delicious-looking gingerbread house, you may think. Look again! This replica of a festive, fairytale-inspired gingerbread house has actually been made out of salami 

A running theme in many of the vintage meals was making savory meat dishes look like cake, like this tuna, cheese and macaroni loaf

No thanks! Another strange recipe shared was this green jelly-prawn salad cake which featured tomatoes, peas and prawns 

Jelly seamed to feature heavily in vintage cookbooks – and it seems there was no greater dish to bring out at a dinner party than a jelly-encased salad with bits of radish floating around

Fowl indeed! This fowl and spinach pudding, which resembles a Christmas pudding, was made up of frozen spinach, chicken, turkey and was drizzled in brandy and set on fire 

Not more jelly! Another popular delicacy was tomato sauce in lemon flavoured jelly, which also included Worcester sauce for those with a stomach strong enough to try it

This mushroom stuffed plaice looks like the fish has been cut open and it’s insides are about to spill out… not the most appetising looking meal 

Would you try this? The Americans do love a milkshake but we are not sure about this dessert, made of whipped-up prunes

This pressed brisket of beef does not look even slightly appetising – and once again it is encased in a favourite ingredient of decades past, jelly.

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