Pete Davidson Says Ariana Grande "Sent the Wolves" on Him

It's been a minute since Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were together (fall 2018, to be exact), but according to Davidson, ghosts of the relationship keep coming back. During an appearance on Hot Ones with Sean Evans, Davidson said that Grande's fans haven't exactly forgiven him for what happened between them. In fact, they're heading all the way out to Staten Island to let him know how they feel.

Davidson told Evans that he never asked to reach the levels of fame that came with dating someone like Grande. He goes as far as to say that she created him. Grande's die-hard fans are trolling him online and even getting very, very deep into his business.

Pete Davidson  Big Time Adolescence  New York Premiere

"She made me, created me, whatever they said," Davidson said. "It's really annoying because I live in Staten Island and they come here now because Ariana Grande made me famous and stuff. So it's all her fault … she sent the wolves on me."

Unfortunately, even his family isn't immune to the treatment. He told Evans that his mother is getting some unwanted attention, too, and she's (understandably) not amused.

"It's been embarrassing 'cause I have a family — like my mom has to go to work and there's these fucking weirdos outside," he said. "It's embarrassing and it sucks."

For her part, Grande hasn't mentioned the relationship often, minus the time she told Vogue that he was an "amazing distraction." Instead, she released an album all about it, Thank U Next. If her fans wanted to get some insider info on the situation, all they had to do was watch Davidson's stand-up special, where he said, "My biggest fear is I'm gonna get shot in the back of the head by a nine-year-old with a ponytail. And the last thing I'm gonna hear is, 'Hashtag canceled.'"

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