TEN DELICIOUS TEACHERS by Ross Montgomery Illustrated by Sarah Warburton (Walker £12.99, 32 pp)


by Ross Montgomery Illustrated by Sarah Warburton (Walker £12.99, 32 pp) 

Perfect for the school summer holidays, this fun counting book follows ten tired teachers who have missed the last bus home and decide to take a short cut through the wood.

Unfortunately for them, it’s inhabited by hungry monsters of all shapes, colours and sizes, who greedily gulp down the distracted staff, one by one. The vivid illustrations are packed with witty detail, the rhyming story bounces along with great pace and there’s a very funny twist at the end.

A great way to learn numbers while laughing out loud.


by Bethan Woollvin (Two Hoots £12.99, 32 pp)

I’ve long been a fan of Woollvin’s bold, colour-block illustrations and deadpan humour and love this story that turns a traditional tale upside-down with a lesson in empowerment for all of us.

Three little Viking girls are convinced something is causing chaos in their village but the arrogant chieftain won’t listen because, he says, ‘I know best!’ So the girls decide to trap the troublemaker, researching through their books to come up with a cunning plan and teach the leader a lesson.

Great for reading aloud, it’s the ideal response to an adult who always thinks they ‘know best’, so parents beware . . .

WHEN THE SUN GOES HOME by Momoko Abe (Orchard £12.99, 32 pp)


by Momoko Abe (Orchard £12.99, 32 pp)  

Everyone loves a bright summer day when the sun shines in a cloudless blue sky. But blazing cheerfully takes its toll on lonely Sun — at least Moon has stars for company. Eventually, the forced smile and need to be perfect become too much and Sun literally falls towards the Earth.

But help is at hand from a comforting cloud who reminds him that people ‘need rain just as much as they need sunshine’ and that it’s OK to lean on friends when you’re feeling sad.

Simple, colourful illustrations carry this gentle and touching message.

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