Plus-size influencer claps back at troll who said she had no 'class'

Plus-size influencer claps back at troll who said she had no 'class'

Plus-size influencer claps back at troll who accused her of having no ‘class’ for wearing a tiny thong bikini

  • Felicity Hayward, 34, from London faced backlash over her swimsuit choice
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A plus-size influencer has clapped back at a troll who accused her of dressing without class after she posted a video of herself dancing in a tiny thong bikini.

Felicity Hayward, 34, from London, has modelled for major high street brands including MAC, PrettyLittleThing, TK Maxx, Accessorize, Ann Summers, and River Island and built up a huge following thanks to her humour, sass and outspoken views on the fashion industry.

Posting to Instagram to share with her 288,000 followers, she added a snap of her wearing a strappy silver thong bikini with her arm round a friend having fun on a recent holiday in the Dominican Republic.

It was immediately followed by another snap showing a grab of someone who had commented on her previous video, writing: ‘Be big and beautiful BUT PLEASE dress with class!!!!’

Clapping back at the criticism n the caption of her post, Felicity wrote: ‘I’m aware when I post my body I will get trolled, I’m used to it.

Felicity Hayward from London (right) shared a recent holiday snap showing her enjoying a day at the beach but one troll suggested she had no ‘class’ because she was wearing a thong bikini

Ms Hayward is a model and influencer who has modelled for major high street brands including MAC, PrettyLittleThing, TK Maxx, Accessorize, Ann Summers, and River Island

One troll felt the need to comment on Felicity’s body and holiday snap but the model was quick to clap back at them

‘But what really annoys me is the fact if a smaller frame was wearing a tiny bikini, would they be told that they need to “dress with class” or is it solely the fact it’s just a bigger body.’

Addressing the fashion system and society, she went on: ‘For so long, especially in the fashion industry smaller frames are seen as “art and high fashion” when lots of skin is shown, but when it is a bigger body it is seen as sexual, pornographic and cheap.

‘Every single body, especially on holiday deserve to have some sun, fun and enjoyment and wear whatever they deem to be comfortable for them.’

Felicity went on to reveal she had another reason to bare her body, and not just because she wanted to.

She wrote: ‘To be 100% transparent I’m wearing a tiny bikini not only because it’s the first time in forever I’ve found one that fits me properly ( thank you @wearewewear ) but also because I’ve been suffering with eczema flare outs all this year and I was desperate to get some sun exposure to help clear it.’

Finishing the post by fighting the corner on behalf of all women, she added: ‘Just leave women’s bodies and their choices out of your mouth.’

Body-positive campaigner Felicity, who is a TEDx Speaker and presented Channel 4’s Naked Beach, was praised by followers for taking a stand, with one remarking ‘what a joyless little person’ the commentator must be. 

One of her followers wrote: ‘I’ll never understand why one person’s body is another person’s business.’

‘Truth! bigger bodies are triggering for most. great words,’ enthused another fan of Felicity’s.  

Someone else added: ‘It’s doesn’t matter what we do, what we wear, what we say, there will always be people hating on us. 

‘Why do people feel they have the right to be so mean. You do you babe, you are stunning and you can wear whatever you want. If they don’t like it they can p*ss off. Forever my inspo, beautiful inside and out. I love you,’ another person wrote.

Felicity has previously opened up about the judgmental preconceptions she faced based on her body early in her career. 

She recalled how people used to mistake her for a cleaner and ask her to ‘get them a cup of tea’ on her early photoshoots.

Felicity, who has worked with high street retailers ASOS, River Island and Missguided over the years, said that early on in her career she was not often recognised as the model while on set.

Speaking to ITV News, she revealed: ‘I remember when I was first modeling and arriving on set and someone asking me to go and get them a cup of tea and asking me to clean the bins and I was like “Oh, I’m here for a job babes”.’

Felicity’s fans were quick to come to her defence with words of encouragement and to vilify the troll for their criticism 

Felicity says she faced judgmental preconceptions based on her body early in her career recalling people on set thought she was a cleaner and not the model

Felicity has been modeling for seven years and starred in campaigns for brands including Mac cosmetics and the Body Shop.

When quizzed on whether her body positivity is ‘not helping the obesity problem’ she argued that if someone wishes to live a healthy life, they must first ‘love’ themselves.

She said: ‘If anyone ever wants to make a change in their life, they’re never going to be able to do that from a dark place.

‘So you have to love yourself before you make any progression, if you choose to.’

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