Primark launches budget period pants range with prices starting at £6

Primark launches budget period pants range with prices starting at £6

The way we deal with our periods has changed, with more and more people moving towards reusable, more eco-friendly options.

While some prefer washable pads or menstrual cups, period pants are another option.

The pants have an absorbent gusset that soaks up the blood and locks it away.

Usually, they can hold the equivalent of a few tampons, and then at the end of the day, they can be rinsed out, washed and used again.

But the pants can be pricey with some brands charging over £20 a pair and you probably need a few pairs to last throughout your period.

Now, Primark has launched its own range of period pants – with prices starting at £6.

You can choose from high-waisted midi’s, hipsters and mini briefs in light to medium flow, which holds 18ml of liquid, or medium to heavy flow, which holds 24ml – around four tampons worth.

Each pair can be worn for up to eight hours, depending on your flow.

Primark explains: ‘Our new period underwear is a collection of underwear which is designed to be comfortable, affordable and accessible for all.

‘Our range has been meticulously designed produced to ensure effective absorption, reduce the smell of any odours and to be easily washed and reused.’

Explaining how the pants, which are made from a mix of cotton and polyester, work, it adds: ‘The gusset is the absorbent part of the period underwear, which is made up of three or four layers depending on which period underwear is selected.

‘The top layer of the gusset draws the fluid down to the next layer where it is held, the last layer has a thin waterproof and breathable gel on the fabric which will prevent leakage.

‘The anti-microbial treatment will prevent bacteria and neutralises bad odours in the gusset which helps to maintain hygiene and freshness.’

The range is designed to completely replace other products but the brand says you can wear the pants with other products to protect against leaks if you want to.

After use, you simply rinse the pants in cold water until it runs clear but Primark says don’t leave them to soak.

It says: ‘The most important thing is to make sure the period underwear doesn’t dry out after wearing.’

Once rinsed, simply wash at 30 degrees without fabric softener as this reduces the fabric’s function, then hang to dry, reuse and repeat.

People have been praising the brand for the range on social media following the launch.

One said: ‘Well done Primary for making these affordable.’

Someone else said: ‘I’m excited about this. Been thinking about giving them a try.’

Another brand to bring period pants to the high street is M&S. It’s period knickers range includes different styles and patterns and cost £12 per pair.

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