Princess Anne’s body language ‘cautious’ with Zara Tindall: Royal ‘wants to disengage’

Princess Anne’s body language ‘cautious’ with Zara Tindall: Royal ‘wants to disengage’

Princess Anne wanted Zara to have ‘normal upbringing’ says expert

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Princess Anne and Zara Tindall seem to have a close mother and daughter relationship, according to the expert. However, they may not always show this when in public.

Zara and Peter are the children of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips.

Princess Anne and Zara have a lot in common including a shared interest in horse-riding.

Both royals have spent much time enjoying the sport and even competed at the Olympics.

Princess Anne and Zara are neighbours at Gatcombe Park which will probably give them lots of time to spend together at home.

They have also been seen together publicly at some royal events before coronavirus restrictions were in place.

During these outings, body language expert Darren Stanton claimed the royals have looked slightly distracted when together.

He said: “In one really interesting picture Princess Anne is not making eye contact with Zara.

“Her position is very rigid and stoic. I do not feel there is a great deal of rapport happening here.

“If you look at Princess Anne and Zara’s feet positions, it is quite telling.

“It shows that Anne wants to disengage and go in the other direction.”

Princess Anne is a working member of the Royal Family whereas Zara is not.

Her senior role could be the reason why Princess Anne looked more “cautious” in public.

The expert suggested it could be more of a reflection of being in public view rather than her relationship with her daughter.

He added: “Princess Anne may be aware that the press are watching and therefore very cautious of the gestures and behaviour she gives off.”

Other outings have shown a more authentic look at their bond, Darren continued.

He explained the “genuine smiles” show they were enjoying their time together.

“One picture shows Princess Anne flashing a genuine smile,” Darren said.

“The emotion that the human face demonstrates most of all is a smile.

“We smile from when we are anxious to when we are embarrassed.

“But in this picture, the whole face is engaged and clearly the two are enjoying the moment.”

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