Retail worker ruins friendship as she tells pal unwanted gift is a freebie

Retail worker ruins friendship as she tells pal unwanted gift is a freebie

Friendships are founded on many things – from wild night outs to colleagues who you just click with.

But, even the strongest of friendships can meet a dramatic demise.

After heading to a shop to refund an unwanted gift for Christmas, the woman thought none the wiser about her friend's choice of present.

That was until the retail worker revealed that the ‘present’ was in fact a free gift with purchase.


Shop assistant Amy, took to Twitter to share the moment she told the woman the bad news – and she now fears that she has broken their friendship apart.

Amy said: “Someone came in looking for a refund for a Christmas present they got and I had to tell them that it was actually a free gift with purchase so it couldn’t be exchanged and she looked fuming.

“I fear I have played a part in the end of a friendship.”

Since being posted, Amy’s shocking revelation has racked up 22,000 likes and ignited a debate about the pair of friends.

Some people think the woman is in the wrong for even trying to return the gift – and believe that she should have been grateful for it in the first place.

One person commented: “You should never return a Xmas present even if you have no need for it, give it to charity if anything.

"Sounds like they are both as bad as each other.”

Another user added: “That’s what you get when you’re trying to return a gift for cash.”

A third person voiced: “The rudeness of trying to return a gift . Delighted for them.”

However, other people felt that the woman was right in returning the gift and had a right to replace it with something she actually wanted.

One person said: “Why keep something you don’t like and will never use, when you could exchange it for something you love. I’d much rather my friends tell me when they don’t like a gift so I can get them something they actually do want!”

As someone else voiced: “I returned a gift the other day because it wasn’t really my style. What would you have me do? Keep it in my wardrobe for the next 10 years and never wear it? Sounds pretty wasteful to me.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the woman trying to return the gift is in the wrong!

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