Samsung may finally fix the biggest problem with its latest Galaxy phones

Samsung may finally fix the biggest problem with its latest Galaxy phones

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There’s no question that when it comes to innovative new smartphones, Samsung is leading the pack. The Korean tech firm’s new foldable devices, which literally bend in half, offer a clever way to get a big-screen experience in a phone that’s small enough to pop in your pocket. 

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It’s a great idea, but there is one glaring problem with bendy displays as they always suffer from an ugly crease right through the middle of them which doesn’t look that appealing and is hugely irritating when trying to watch a bit of Netflix or read stories on the web. has reviewed all of Samsung’s recent Galaxy Fold and Flip devices and, despite many great features and that incredible design, the bump in the screen has always left us more than a little cold.

Luckily, it appears that Samsung may have finally come up with a solution to fix this frustrating flaw and it could arrive within a matter of months.

Numerous leaks have recently appeared online claiming to show how the next Galaxy Flip 4 will look.

Pictures, posted on Twitter by TechTalkTV, show a design that’s pretty similar to what’s currently available with a large display that flips over to reduce its overall size. There is, however, one big difference as it seems the crease that has appeared on previous generations has now vanished.

If true, it could finally make these bendy call makers far more appealing.

It’s worth noting that Samsung remains tight-lipped about its upcoming launches and there’s no official word on what will be included on the next generation of Galaxy Flip and Fold devices but the firm is sure to add a swathe of improvements and the screen could be one area that benefits.

Other features revealed in the leak include a dual-lens camera and small display on the case that means notifications can be read without flipping things open. We can also expect to see a faster processor under the hood and improved photography.

Luckily, we might not have that long left to find out exactly what’s coming to the Flip 4 with Samsung usually unveiling its new foldables during August.

If they follow tradition, expect news on an Unpacked launch event in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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