Seedy pensioner jailed for masterminding pirate sex video business from home

Seedy pensioner jailed for masterminding pirate sex video business from home

A sleazy pensioner has made a fortune as a "porn baron" illegally flogging unregistered sex videos on the black market.

Barrie Templeman, 80, was caught receiving eye-watering unexplained sums of £543,770, £116,687 and £115,000 that led police to his shadowing operation with long-term partner, Diane Atkinson, 67.

Hull Crown Court heard that investigators discovered the couple owned industrial-sized printers and flyers for the sale of unlicensed pornography, during a search of Templeman's home in Wetwang, Yorks., on June 4, 2018.

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HullLive reports that Templeman entered officers' radar following his connection with a company called Acorn, which was selling unregistered pornography.

The prosecution claimed that Atkinson was aware of the printers and raunchy flyers and admitted that Templeman was storing items at her home.

Police found her in possession of a credit card in the name of Acorn, the court heard. She refused permission for the police to carry out a voluntary search of her home in Great Hatfield and she was arrested. She told police: "Please don't take my house."

Her home was searched and a laptop including a flyer advertising the sale of "videos" was found. The return address for sales was "Acorn Zodiac" and this was linked to Templeman's business.

On February 22, 2021, after further inquiries, police made a further search at three properties associated with Templeman. They searched premises rented by him in Pocklington and found two large printers, the court heard.

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Six disc-writing devices were found along with pornography which was uncertified and unclassified. Stamped envelopes containing brochures were also discovered as well as £5,350 cash that was apparently hidden inside a thermos flask.

The address that was being used was business premises from which Templeman had been supplying unregistered pornographic videos.

Police discovered daily orders for the purchase of pornographic videos and requests for brochures. These orders were addressed to Acorn Zodiac, the court was told.

A detailed financial investigation was carried out. Bank accounts, HMRC records, Land Registry documents and conveyancing files were all examined.

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These included conveyancing files relating to a property called Cobblebank that was bought outright by Atkinson in 2015. This was one of the criminal property matters. During this time, her bank account was credited with £115,000 but she was unable to say where this had come from.

A number of bank accounts belonging to Atkinson showed further unexplained credits totalling £116,687 over several years. Another unexplained sum of £543,770 was traced to a bank account in the name of Acorn relating to Templeman.

Templeman, who had previous convictions, was jailed for four-and-a-half years. Atkinson, who had no previous convictions, was jailed for two years and three months.


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