Server called out for confronting people who dont tip says I work to earn it

Server called out for confronting people who dont tip says I work to earn it
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  • A server who was criticised after revealing she confronts customers who don't leave her a tip has said she doesn't think there's "any harm" in doing it because she "earned" her tip.

    Kat Busch, from Texas, US, claims she has to "pay to work" if people don't leave her a tip because of the way the tipping system works in America.

    The 22-year-old, who has worked as a server and bottle girl for four years, explained servers in Texas are typically only paid $2 an hour and are also expected to "tip out" bussers and bartenders around 5% of the tab for each table.

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    This means Kat relies on tips from her customers to get by and get be left paying colleagues out of her on money if she doesn't get one.

    Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, she explained: "It's like a small business in my mind. It's the customers who are paying me, not really my boss. I'm only getting $2 an hour, which is basically taxes."

    She added: "I would consider a good tip 20% of the total bill, I would consider that a good tip, 18 to like 20%, that's fine too. Even if someone gave me 15%, I would be okay with that but I would say probably 20% is the industry standard for the US."

    Kat said most people leave her a tip but when they don't, she's happy to confront them about it.

    She explained: "I would walk up to the customer and I would ask them in a polite way, never come with any contempt or anything, and say, 'Hey sir, ma'am, I noticed that you didn't leave any tip. Is there anything I could do to improve my service?'"

    She added: "And you know sometimes if I say it out loud and their group, their friends, hear it or their date hears it, I mean that's fine with me. If they don't want to tip that's fine, their friends can hear that too. They should be proud of it, right?"

    Kat shares her serving tips on TikTok but was surprised to be met with backlash after sharing her confrontation technique.

    "I didn't realise it's so controversial," she said.

    Responding to her video, one person commented: "What makes you think you deserve a tip? You get paid for your job, right? I work in manufacture and never expect a tip, why should you?"

    Another wrote: "If your job makes you pay tip outs so you possibly lose money on a table that's an employer problem. Not a customer problem."

    A third added: "Confront me and my meal will be free. Not happy with a no tip talk to your manager about why you don't get paid enough to do your job without a tip."

    But Kat revealed confronting her customers usually works and she sees no problem with doing it as she insists she works hard to "earn" all her tips.

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    "I would say something like that and usually, they would respond and say, 'Oh, like my bad, here's a couple dollars' or whatever because I know that I earned that tip," she said.

    Defending the technique, she added: "If every single customer walked in and they all zero dollar tip me, I would have to go into negative money and take out money from my own savings to pay to work basically."

    Kat explained she doesn't believe people have to tip and said she wouldn't have a problem if her customers told her they didn't want to leave one.

    "One thing about me is I know that you have to work to earn your tip, if I just come up to a table and I'm just an order, taker like, 'Oh, what do you want a sandwich? Okay, here you go.', Okay, yeah I didn't earn a tip. I didn't do anything that earning of a tip," she said.

    She added: "I'm not gonna say, 'Oh, you have to tip me' because they do not have to tip me, they are not obligated to tip me. I know I have to earn that tip, but I still feel like I have the authority to ask, why? I don't think that there's any harm in that."

    Kat addressed commenters who said she could lose her job for confronting customers about tips and revealed she still thinks other servers should follow her advice.

    She said: "I saw comments of people saying, 'Oh, you can get fired' but I don't think you would get fired or anything for doing that.

    "But I wouldn't recommend doing it in a corporate restaurant like Olive Garden or something because they're a little bit more strict. This is for if you're working at more of an independent kind of restaurant bar or club."


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