Studio Paolo Ferrari Brings Pops of Color to Chubby Furniture

Studio Paolo Ferrari Brings Pops of Color to Chubby Furniture

From its Toronto base, Studio Paolo Ferrari has been crafting interiors and objects throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Now, the team is marking its first-ever exhibition in the US, by bringing a collection of chubby-looking furniture pieces titled “Edition 4” to New York’s design co-op Colony.

For Edition 4, Paolo and his team have created a capsule collection of furniture, including chairs, sofas, tables and stools. Each has been painstakingly crafted through traditional techniques and sees boldly colored pieces paired alongside others that take on more subtle tones. For Colony founder and creative director Jean Lin, the collection offers a chance for the studio to distill its signature techniques and inspirations – turning the aesthetic and styles employed throughout large-scale projects into smaller, livable versions.

“Studio Paolo Ferrari is consistently excellent with thoughtful attention to detail and a rare ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture of their brand,” Lin said.“Working with them has always been and continues to be an absolute pleasure and I am so excited to introduce their latest collection of work to our market.”

Standout pieces from the collection include a bright yellow sofa, which features an angular form and has been upholstered in a boucle fabric. For the not-so-faint-hearted, this can be paired with a red-lacquered metal table, which is complete with the glossiest of glossy surfaces, and satisfyingly sloped edges.

Edition 4 by Studio Paolo Ferrari will be on show at Colony in New York from October 13 through October 31. Prices are available upon request. In other design news, Danish brand GUBI’s latest collection heavily features illuminating designs, alongside some staple furniture pieces and classic reissues

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