Super Dakota Reflects on Modern Society in ‘Liquid Life’

Super Dakota Reflects on Modern Society in ‘Liquid Life’

Liquid Life is a new group exhibition at Super Dakota gallery in Brussels, Belgium. The show is inspired by Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauma’s 2005 essay of the same name, which equated contemporary culture to a “liquid modern” society “in which its members “change faster than it takes the ways of acting to consolidate into habits and routines. […] In short: liquid life is a precarious life, lived under conditions of constant uncertainty.”

The show spans an array of mediums, including video, textile, painting, installation and performance-based artwork from the late-Virgil Abloh, Christine Wang, Sin Wai Kin and more. Underlying each work is a reflection of contemporaneity and the ways in which we communicate today and the struggles of finding identity in a world caught in flux.

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From Christine Wang’s painting of the sarcastic Willy Wonka meme and Sin Wai Kin’s bizarre telecast from a distant future, to Abloh’s Air Rubber Dunk Off-White UNC, the show ruminates on the ways in which community and isolation have been ushered in by the internet and social media.

The gallery organizers go one step further from Bauma’s text by questioning the possibilities of an escape from within. “What is lost in this collective experience of alienation? Is it possible to return to ‘that which is lost’ while being situated precisely in this liquid life nonetheless?” The art on view seeks to present answers.

Catch Liquid Life at Super Dakota until October 22.

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Super Dakota
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