Supersonic jet prototype is the 'new Concorde' that'll reach New York in 3.5hrs

Supersonic jet prototype is the 'new Concorde' that'll reach New York in 3.5hrs

Jet company Boom has unveiled a prototype of its new supersonic plane that’s being heralded as the ‘new Concorde’.

The sleek, white XB-1 is capable of hitting Mach 1.3 and could transport up to 88 passengers from London to New York in three-and-a-half hours.

Boom is preparing the XB-1 for its first test flight next year. If successful, it could lead to a full production model – named Overture – getting the green light.

The plane employs three J85-15 jet engines – the same kind used by the US military for fighter jets. When finished, the plane will actually be 10% faster than Concorde, with a top speed of 1,451 miles per hour.

Boom, an aviation start-up from the US, has been working on supersonic planes for the last five years.

Blake Scholl, Boom founder and CEO, said: ‘Boom continues to make progress towards our founding mission—making the world dramatically more accessible.’

‘XB-1 is an important milestone towards the development of our commercial airliner, Overture, making sustainable supersonic flight mainstream and fostering human connection’

The prototype, nicknamed ‘Baby Boom’, measures a mere 71 feet long with a 20 foot wingspan. Like Concorde, it also features a slightly dropped nose. Meanwhile, the frame is made from a carbon composite for better heat resistance.

‘XB-1 is the end-product of years of development effort, including multiple wind tunnel trials, dozens of structural tests, hundreds of simulation iterations, and tens of thousands of work hours,’ Boom said in a statement.

As impressive as it is, don’t be fooled about the level of exclusivity around flying supersonic. Estimates suggest the ticket price for a single flight could reach as high as £3,500.

It’s hoped the planes could be flying as soon as 2025. So if you want to try it out, best start saving now.

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