The Average American 'Dream' Wedding Costs Over $42,000, Survey Finds

Saying “I do” might also leave you saying “oh no” over your bank account.

According to a new survey of 2,000 Americans ages 18 to 55, the expenses of their “dream” wedding totaled over $42,000.

The study — commissioned by Minted Weddings and released by SWNS — examined the nuptials features that survey respondents said make up the perfect wedding.

America’s perfect wedding consists of an open bar, speeches that never exceed 10 minutes, a live band at the reception and roses as the main flower decorating the space.

Additionally, the results also showed that the dream American wedding would have a mid-range number of guests, with 92 found to be the ideal number of attendees.

Flowers are crucial for the big day, according to respondents, with 50 percent wanting roses, while 36 percent would opt for tulips and 35 percent lilies.

Over one in three surveyed responded that the color black would play a dominant role in their ideal color scheme.

Still, nearly half of those polled envision something different than the traditional wedding celebration. In fact, three in 10 said they’d prefer their wedding to have a more “modern” theme.

The most non-negotiable factor, though? The venue, according to two in five respondents.

Besides the location of the celebration, 39 percent revealed cake was a priority for them while a further 34 percent said having a best man’s speech was something they aren’t willing to go without.

Following closely behind, 33 percent said they will not compromise on the type of music played.

Everyone loves a wedding dance floor!

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