The sister of Elizabeth Hurley, Kate looks stunning in a Hinge profile

The sister of Elizabeth Hurley, Kate looks stunning in a Hinge profile

Liz Hurley’s big sister Kate, 57, is looking for love! Glamorous retired writing agent has a profile on dating app Hinge showcasing her glam bikini snaps – and says she won’t date anyone who doesn’t like dogs

  • Kate Curran, 57, the glamourous sister of Elizabeth Hurley was spotted on Hinge
  • Sources have claimed model, 55, is encouraging her sister to go on dating app 
  • In her profile,  the dog-lover from Ledbury shares breath-taking bikini shots

Liz Hurley’s glamorous sister has been spotted on dating app Hinge after being encouraged to join by her actress sibling. 

Kate Curran, 57, from Ledbury, Herefordshire shared breath-taking snaps including one flaunting her body in a pink bikini and reading by the pool.

Other snaps show her peering over geeky glasses and showing off her physique in a bikini from her sister’s line.

A source close to the two sisters has claimed Liz has been helping Kate finding her new love, encouraging her to try her hand at online dating.  

Liz Hurley’s glamorous sister has been spotted on dating app Hinge after being encouraged to join by her actress sibling

Looking good: Elizabeth Hurley, 55, and her ‘glorious’ older sister Kate Curran, 57, showed off their incredible bodies in matching bikinis last summer

Kate Hurley, 57, is the model’s older sister by two years, and has been spotted on the dating app Hinge

She describes herself as a ‘mostly retired writer’s agent’ and an atheist.

An intro on the app reads: ‘I know I’ve found the one when we just click.’

Kate lives in a three-bedroom cottage in the grounds of Liz’s mansion in Herefordshire.

A source said Kate was now keen to find a partner after being single for years.

They added: ‘Kate has been divorced for a long time now. She’s had a few year-long relationships here and there but is now ready to take finding a partner a bit more seriously.

‘Liz is clearly very supportive. They’ve spoken about it a lot.’ 

The model’s sister shared beautiful picture on the dating app as well as playful snap peering over glasses, right 

The 57-year-old described herself as a ‘mostly retired writer’s agent’ and dog lover who hoped to find someone she clicked with

In November 2020 the pair caused a stir when they showed off their incredible physiques in matching Elizabeth Hurley beach bikinis in Liz’s garden.

Liz said in a caption: ‘Me and my glorious sister during lockdown this summer, flying the Elizabeth Hurley Beach flag.

‘When we were growing up, we were always dressed in identical clothes but in pink or blue, so we secretly still love matching.’

The actress, 55, wowed in the Kashmir Pink Bikini complete with ring detail, which costs £170 as she placed her arm around Kate.

Kate wore a matching two-piece in pink which had a gold chain detail at the cleavage and costs £125.

Katie showed her toned physique in a pink bikini, left, and shared a snap of herself reading by the pool, right 

Love: The TV star pictured with Kate in 1994, when she was pregnant with Miles. The two sisters have always been close

She and Liz have always been close – with Liz dashing from a trip to New York in March 2018 when Kate’s son Miles was stabbed in a terrifying road rage ordeal.

The then 21-year-old was said to have been ‘millimetres from death’ after he was knifed in the back following an altercation with another motorist as he drove his mum’s Fiat 500 through Battersea, south London.

He later described how he lost six pints of blood – and Liz was the first person he called as he didn’t want his mum to worry.

Elizabeth and Kate’s parents are Angela, 79, and army major Roy Leonard, who passed away in 1996. They also have younger brothers Andrew and Michael.

Giggling: With her brunette locks and LBD, Kate looked just like Elizabeth when she was pictured with Hugh in 2000 

She told Hampshire Life in January 2019: ‘I learned a lot in my early childhood. My father was an Army officer and we were a happy family with my older sister and my brothers. 

‘A lot of my friends had divorced parents but nothing like that happened in our family, I am glad to say. We all got on pretty well.’

Elizabeth went to Kempshott Infant School followed by Kempshott Junior School and then the Harriet Costello School.

She said: ‘My school days were a little odd I think because I wanted to be like other people but some thought that I talked posh because my parents had insisted on us learning to speak properly. 

‘I had friends, but somehow I didn’t quite fit in with the way most people were. I suppose I became a bit of a rebel.’ 

Despite her rebellious punk past, she added: ‘I did keep up my studies though and carried on to A-levels in England, psychology and sociology. 

‘So the rebellion was not total. I took ballet classes as well when I was younger but I didn’t complete it. 

‘Everything seemed to go well for the first couple of years but then I seemed to fall out of favour and the boys were mostly gay so I kind of fell away.’ 

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