These are the 8 hottest travel destinations for next year (and one is in the UK)

These are the 8 hottest travel destinations for next year (and one is in the UK)

As we begin to prep our calendars for the new year, make sure to add these destinations to your must-visit list for 2022.

One of the exciting things about approaching the end of the year is mapping out what we hope the new year will look like.

From events to travel, marking our calendars and preparing ourselves for the new year can instil a certain level of excitement as we draw closer and closer and closer to it – well, that was the case pre-pandemic anyway.

The coronavirus pandemic left our sense of yearning for the future hanging in a balance as we collectively came to realise that there is only so much you can plan in advance.

However, travel is beginning to make its way back into our plans slowly but surely with a renewed sense of optimism – and 2022 is looking to be a triumphant return to beach shores and city escapes.

In a bid to get a little excited over the 2022 holiday possibilities, has conducted extensive research to find the hotly anticipated travel predictions for 2022.

From embracing new far-flung destinations to making up for lost time close to home, these are the travel hotspots that should be on everybody’s minds.

Taichung, Taiwan


Bustle your way through Taiwan’s second-largest city and enjoy the stunning architecture, buzzing street markets and local delicacies.

Atlanta, USA


For an urban adventure with a taste of everything from world-class restaurants to underground nightclubs, Atlanta is a great spot to visit if you’re looking to explore the South.

Gramado, Brazil


Venture to this off-the-beaten-path location in Brazil and take in Gramado’s picturesque mountains and boutiques selling everything from glasswork to gourmet chocolate.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The 16th century and UNESCO world heritage site meets buzzing nightlife and foodie scenes, making it a great spot for history buffs and partygoers.

Brașov, Romania

Transport back in time in this city full of romantically Gothic architecture set in the heart of Transylvania.

Llandudno, UK


This seaside gem is the perfect staycation escape complete with beaches, nature and castles.

Montpellier, France

Montpellier, France

Situated on the beautiful white-sand Mediterranean coast, an ideal getaway for exquisite art and even better cheese.

Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka, Malaysia

Rich with ancient landmarks and heritage buildings, as well as wildlife in Melaka’s idyllic botanical garden.

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