These Are The Richest Members Of The Mars Family And A Peek At Their Lavish Lifestyle

These Are The Richest Members Of The Mars Family And A Peek At Their Lavish Lifestyle

While a substantial portion of the world’s wealthiest individuals amasses their fortunes through tech-related companies, the top five richest families are supported by vastly different industries. The third wealthiest family in the world, for instance, runs a somewhat unhealthy empire – unhealthy for your diet, that is. Meet the Mars family, successors to Mars Inc., which comprises Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, M&Ms, The Wrigley firm, and a vast array of PetCare products and beverages. From the individual who began it all to his descendants who have carried on his $90 billion legacy, these are the richest members of the Mars family and a peek at their lavish lifestyle.

7 Franklin Mars


The 106-year-old candy enterprise was established by Franklin Clarence Mars, who learned from his mother at an early age how to hand-dip chocolate bars. He wed Minnesotan school teacher Ethel Kissack in 1902, and she gave birth to their first child, Forrest Edwards Mars. In his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington, Frank began producing and selling butter cream candies nine years later.


However, it wasn’t until he relocated to Minneapolis in 1920 that he officially started a basket candies company named The Nougat House. It manufactured Patricia Chocolates and later added MAR-O-BAR (the precursor to the modern Mars bar) and Milky Way Bar to its product line. In 1929, Frank went with 200 employees to Chicago, where he established a manufacturing facility. In the same year, Forrest formally joined the company. Frank kicked the bucket five years later, leaving his son to spearhead the corporation.

6 Forrest Mars (Sr.)


Inspired by his father’s success in the American market, Forrest traveled to the United Kingdom in 1932 to realize his goal of mutual advantages for all parties involved. There, he purchased Chappell Brothers, Ltd., the manufacturer of CHAPPIE® canned dog food, marking Mars’ first step into pet care. Subsequently, he added Maltesers and M&Ms to the company’s confectionery selection and PAL, Whiskas, and CHUM to its pet care selection.


With the establishment of plants in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia, his creative ideas propelled the company to phenomenal success. In 1969, at age 65, he was finally able to retire. Apart from work, Forrest subsequently avoided publicity and spent the majority of his marriage apart from his wife, Audrey. The couple had three children: Jacqueline, John, and Forrest Jr., all of whom inherited a portion of the business upon his death in 1999.


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5 Jacqueline Mars


Today, Jacqueline and her brother John co-own Mars, Inc., but neither is actively managing the company. They are tied at #33 on Forbes’ 2019 list of the world’s top billionaires, with the largest portion of the family fortune at $23.6 billion each. Jacqueline Mars is the only member of the Mars family to live in accordance with her wealth, despite the fact that the majority of her relatives choose to remain anonymous. In addition to marketing her New Jersey mansion for $2 million, she sponsors the US Olympic Equestrian Team and serves as a trustee of the US Equestrian Team Foundation.


Presently, the heiress/investor serves on the boards of the National Sporting Library and Fine Art Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, and the American Prairie Reserve. She played an important role in the Opera’s merger with the John F. Kennedy Center and made a multi-year pledge to the Washington Performing Arts’ programs, demonstrating her passion for the arts. With her ex-husband, David Badger, she has three children: Stephen, Alexandra, and Christa.

4 Stephen Badger


Stephen Badger is the current chairman of Mars, Inc. and possibly the Mars family member with the loudest voice. Recently, he has discussed the company’s strategy and future objectives to attract talent and increase client loyalty. Stephen Badger stated in an interview that for the majority of their existence, they opted to remain out of the public glare because they wanted their brands to engage consumers. However, Stephen’s openness about the company’s operations does not imply that it is going public. It is not, and it is absolutely devoted to remaining private. According to Forbes, Mars, Inc. is presently the sixth largest private firm in the United States.

3 John Mars and Forrest Mars Jr.


According to reports, both John Mars and Forrest Mars Jr. inherited their father’s preference for solitude and enjoyed normal lives in relatively inexpensive condominiums. Aside from the fact that he was crowned an honorary knight by Queen Elizabeth II in 2015, little is known about John. The same holds true with Forrest Jr., the eldest sibling. In 2016, he passed away, leaving his four daughters, Victoria, Valerie, Pamela, and Marijke, each having an 8% share in the business.


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2 Victoria, Valerie, Pamela, And Marijke Mars


1 How Much Are They Worth?


Members of the Mars family, including owners Jacqueline, John, and Forrest Mars, are currently estimated to be worth $23.6 billion each. With a total net worth of $90 billion, the family is presently the third richest in the world, behind The Koch brothers, who have a net worth of $120 billion, and The Walton family, owners of the retail brand Wal-Mart, who have a net worth of $174.5 billion. It is claimed that the family’s wealth remains third in the world as a result of their refusal to make Mars, Inc. a publicly traded firm, unlike the first two on the list.


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