This Bath Toy Sings ‘Baby Shark’, So Get Ready to Have the Song Stuck in Your Head All Over Again

It’s not often that grandparents, teenagers, parents, and toddlers all know the same song, but anyone who’s had access to the Internet within the last two years has probably heard “Baby Shark”. With 4.6 billion views on YouTube, Pinkfong’s unbelievably catchy (and to some, horrifyingly annoying) version of the nursery song became a global phenomenon that even celebrities could slow jam to, and like other viral pop culture moments, the song has become the inspiration for countless pieces of merchandise (including a Baby Shark-themed cereal from Kellogg’s). 

The world clearly isn’t over this viral tune, though, because a “Baby Shark” bath toy from Zuru Robo Alive Junior has recently become a best-seller in Amazon’s Toys & Games category. The singing mechanical shark toy — which costs just $13 right now — has garnered rave reviews from parents who say their kids can’t get enough of it and call it a “great bath toy” that “makes bathtime fun.”

Buy It! Zuru Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Battery-Powered Bath Toy, $12.89 (orig. $14.99);

The water-activated toy is safety-tested and made for children who are at least three years old. Simply slide in the batteries (they’re included!), place the toy in water, and watch it come alive as it plays Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark.” Parents who are tired of the song and can’t listen to it more than once, though, will rejoice in the fact that the singing automatically stops after four minutes. 

Amazon reviewers have given the toy a stellar 4.9-star rating from more than 900 reviews, and many parents described how happy it’s made their kids. “The day comes, Baby Shark has arrived at our home and my four-year-old acted like the Pope was coming to town when the package finally arrived and wanted to hop in the bathtub right away to play with it,” wrote one shopper. “Regarding the toy itself, it’s a neat little toy. It swims pretty quick and really well around the bathtub while singing that infamous song. What mattered was my son sitting in the bathtub laughing and giggling as Baby Shark swam in a circle around him.”

Grab this crowd-pleasing toy that’ll bring a big smile to your little one’s face now while it’s still on sale. Fair warning, it might just get “Baby Shark” stuck in your head all over again. 

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