‘This egg recipe is the nicest thing I’ve ever made in my air fryer’

‘This egg recipe is the nicest thing I’ve ever made in my air fryer’

Leah Clake is a fitness coach who shares healthy recipes on her TikTok page leahclarke97_. In her latest video, Leah tried out a recipe which she has highly recommended, as it is quick to make in the air fryer with simple ingredients you may already have inside your fridge.

This simple air fryer recipe can be made for either breakfast or lunch and one serving is only 368 calories with 28g of protein.

Leah began her video by cutting into a golden york on toasted bread and said: “This is the smartest and nicest thing I’ve ever made in my air fryer, it was delish. Eggy toast with bacon.”

The fitness coach began by spreading some butter on the bread and said she was using “low-calorie” bread. She then got a glass and gently pushed it onto the bread to make a dented circle.

It should be noted that your bread should be thick enough to be able to hold an egg in the middle and that you can also use a cookie cutter instead of a glass to make the dent if you have one on hand.

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Leah then said: “I made a little indent in the middle of [the bread] before I cracked two eggs in the middle. Just ensure that the indent is enough so that the eggs don’t overflow.”

While making this recipe, also make sure the bread is on your air fryer tray beforehand or on a plate, as it is an easy dish to spill when uncooked.

Leah placed her eggy bread into her air fryer and also got some beacon medallions and also put it on her air fryer tray. She then put her air fryer on 400 Fahrenheit (200 Celsius) for seven to ten minutes.

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After it was done cooking, Leah said she “Brought it out, and then I cut it down the middle and topped with a slice of bacon down each side and folded it over.” She then revealed a golden toasted and delicious eggy bread. She finished the video by saying the meal was “high protein and it is so good.”

You can also add some pepper and salt to the dish and is simple enough that you can cater it to whatever your preference. Some people add cheese to their eggy bread or those that like some spice add some sriracha sauce or those that like some sweetness can add a little cinnamon sugar.

For those wishing for a healthier recipe, the dish also goes well with sliced avocados.

In the comment section, people praised Leah’s air fryer recipe. One woman named Georgia said: “Just made this, it was delicious, perfect timing for the egg.”

Another person said: “Well, that’s my lunch sorted” to which Leah replied: “You won’t be disappointed!” One commentator said that the dish “looks so good” while somebody else said: “I am going to do this right now, yum!”

One other user said: “This is such a good idea for a quick meal, thank you so much! I added cheese to mine and it was delicious.”

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