TikTok blackhead hack: How to get rid of blackheads in half an hour

TikTok blackhead hack: How to get rid of blackheads in half an hour

GROSS super-close-up footage of blackhead extraction

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TikTok is the place to go for skincare hacks, with users of the video-sharing app constantly revealing how they keep their skin looking so fresh and clear. One TikToker, @americanfille, has revealed her three-step routine that banishes blackheads from her nose. Here’s how to get rid of blackheads in half an hour.

Blackheads, also known as open comedones, are black bumps full of keratin that will explode if you squeeze them.

These black bumps are normally found all over your T-Zone, which includes the centre of your forehead, your nose, and your chin.

However, apparently, the stubborn black dots on your nose that won’t come out are NOT blackheads.

TikTok @americanfille said: “You know those little things on your nose that kind of look like blackheads but they’re not the little dots? They’re called sebaceous filaments.”

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Blackheads develop when the cells lining the sebaceous duct overly proliferate and produce too much sebum.

The build-up of sebum blocks the sebaceous duct and hair follicles which causes blackheads to form.

Blackheads are technically a form of acne, whereas sebaceous filaments are just normal structures within the skin.

When the body produces too much sebum and causes blackheads and whiteheads, the filaments can also fill up and look just like enlarged pores or blackheads.

A blackhead is a blockage at the top of a pore which prevents oil from escaping through the pore, but a sebaceous filament is a thin structure that lines the inside of the pore and helps sebum travel to the skin’s surface.

While sebaceous filaments are totally normal, there are ways to get rid of them if you don’t like the appearance of them.

TikTok blogger @americanfille said: “I have a method that will remove them immediately and you can probably do it right now.”

If you do this routine “once every couple of weeks”, you’ll have a totally clear nose in no time.

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Step one

Apply a BHA to the area and leave it on for 15 minutes.

BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid and its a type of liquid exfoliator that can seep into the pores and remove dead skin cells and excess sebum.

The BHA used in the video is Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant, but there are plenty of other BHAs on the market.

Step two

Without rinsing off the BHA, apply a clay mask onto your nose and leave it on for 15 minutes.

The purpose of a clay mask is to absorb oil from your clogged up pores.

This could remove your blackheads and sebaceous filaments as well as whiteheads and excess oil.

Step three

Finally, rinse the mask and BHA off with water and then use an oil cleanser to remove any leftover product.

Use the oil cleanser – the social media blogger stressed that it has to be an oil cleanser – to massage the area for a few minutes until you feel “these little seed things” coming out.

These seeds are the sebaceous filaments, which the TikToker placed on her hand to show how effective the process is.

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