Triangular UFOs ‘could be top-secret spy planes’ says ex-government official

Triangular UFOs ‘could be top-secret spy planes’ says ex-government official

Mysterious black triangular UFOs were spotted at least five times over a US Navy air base in California, but one official has suggested it something stranger than aliens..

Former Navy Serviceman Angelo Accetta told UFO researcher Ryan Sprague that he’d seen the unexplained aircraft on a number of occasions between 2011 and 2012.

Accetta described the first time he saw one of the objects moving slowly at around 4,000 feet over Lemoore Naval Air Station, in Lemoore, California.

“I noticed an object in the night sky,” he wrote. “It was too slow to be an F-18 SuperHornet. I’m very familiar with these planes because of my job.”

The object was triangular, he recalled, with a white light shining down at the ground from each corner.

“[The lights] were on each point of the triangle. They were extremely bright and gave off a white glow.”

He was unable to make out many more details on the craft that was some 500 yards away from him but he said: “Its speed was moderate and it moved so smoothly, almost like gliding on water.”

He was so shocked he froze: “I was mesmerised by what I was seeing,” he said. He stood watching the UAP until it shot off at incredible speed.

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Accetta told a superior later that morning what he had witnessed. “My superior immediately laughed and jokingly asked if I had been drinking on the job.”

He decided to help the sighting quiet: "Word travels fast on military bases and I didn’t want to be labelled a weirdo or crackpot,” he said.

But it wasn’t the last time he saw the unexplained flying object, and on a second occasion he was accompanied by another serviceman. He said: “I was thrilled that somebody else was actually here to witness this with me”.

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Accetta says that the fact that there were never any military aircraft in the vicinity when the mystery objects were gliding overhead made him suspicious. He became concerned, says Sprague, that something "truly mysterious" was happening at Lemoore Naval Air Station.

Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence, wondered why a slow-moving low-observability aircraft would be operating at night.

He told Sprague: “The answer that springs to mind is that someone has a requirement for exquisite detail, perhaps details not only of the surface but sub-surface structures and infrastructure, to include power and communications.

The other value of low, slow and black, is undetectability. The low altitudes generally observed would carry these large craft under most radars. So, to me, it looks and acts a lot like a clandestine reconnaissance platform.”

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