Trolls call me fat — but theyre secretly attracted to my 55-inch bum

Trolls call me fat — but theyre secretly attracted to my 55-inch bum

A curvaceous model has slammed trolls who call her fat by telling them they "shouldn't be ashamed about being attracted to her 55-inch bum".

Steph Oshiri regularly posts on social media, under the username @stephoshirii, about having a huge backside – including using it as a place to stash bottles of booze.

But despite her confidence, the 28-year-old OnlyFans model, from Ontario, Canada, receives hate comments from people about her weight.

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In a recent social media video, which has gained more than 134,000 likes, the beauty called out blokes who apparently call her "fat" in the comments by claiming they actually find her attractive.

She said: "This is to all the men that call me fat, you are allowed to be attracted to this.

"There is nothing wrong with being into this. I'm big. I got a belly, I got big arms. I got big legs – but I'm hot. That's not up for debate.

"I'm mostly teasing, but like it is okay to be into fat girls."

TikTok viewers were left gushing over her beauty as they took to the comments telling her how much the love her figure.

One user said: “It’s ok to be into this” IT IS MY PREFERENCE."

Another commented: "You're gorgeous."

A third wrote: "I'm attracted to this."

"I would never do you wrong, just so you know," a fourth penned.

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Other women took to the comments declaring that they wished to be more like her, as one added: "I’m mad the world didn’t make me this kind of plus size and made me the kind where I carry most of my weight in my stomach."

The news comes after Steph kicked off her fitness journey, leaving fans concerned about the future of her curvaceous figure.

She has insisted her bum will only get 'bigger and perkier during the process but has now opened up about the pros of having a boob job while shedding the pounds.


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