Vice Principal Throws Beer at Bystanders Filming His Wife's Transphobic Rant

Vice Principal Throws Beer at Bystanders Filming His Wife's Transphobic Rant

The educator at a New Jersey middle school apologized, saying “I do not condone violence or discrimination of any kind.”

The vice principal of a New Jersey school apologized for throwing his beer at a group of people who were filming his wife’s transphobic rant on Tuesday.

Michael Smurro of Neptune Middle School told The Associated Press via email that he regrets his actions, which transpired outside a restaurant as his wife complained about a transgender woman using the women’s bathroom.

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“I allowed my emotions to get in the way of my normally sound judgement and reacted in a way that was inappropriate,” he wrote. “I do not condone violence or discrimination of any kind and should have simply walked away. I apologize to the person I threw my beer at and wish I hadn’t done so. I apologize to anyone I offended.”

The Neptune school district told the news agency it was investigating the incident.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows Lisa Smurro at an outdoor patio shouting about a transgender woman, who is not shown.

“A man just went into the women’s bathroom, and it’s not right,” she says. “It’s not right. It’s not right. It’s not right. She’s a man. In my bathroom.”

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Lisa then realizes she’s being filmed by a group at a nearby table, walks towards them and implores the help of an employee of the restaurant.

“There’s a man pissing in the women’s bathroom,” she shouts. “She’s a man. She was in the women’s bathroom. But she’s a man. She’s a man.”

The person recording the video then says, “Please take your hate elsewhere.”

“She’s a man,” Lisa shouts in the table’s direction. “How are you ok with it?”

At this point, Michael, dressed in a Superman tee, runs up to the table and tosses his beer in the direction of the group filming the incident.

“Here you go, pal,” he says. “There you go.”

Stepping away from the table, he adds, “Now you can come out. I’m right here.”

The group filming, nor the restaurant, called the police to report the incident.

In an interview with the news site, Lisa said she was having a private conversation with her husband when the couple realized they were being filmed.

“This all began because somebody was in a bathroom that they shouldn’t have been in,” she added. “He, she, whatever it was that day, it came into the women’s bathroom that they shouldn’t have.”

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The Neptune school district released a statement on Tuesday.

“This event is troubling as its perception potentially threatens the social-emotional well-being and climate of belonging that our Neptune School District community represents. The actions shown in the video do not reflect our district’s commitment to inclusivity, cooperation, respect, and non-violence.”

“The Board of Education and Superintendent will respond to this incident in a manner that is appropriate and relative to the seriousness of the situation and that takes into consideration the impact this incident has had on the reputation of our wonderful district.”

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