Watch Jake Paul square up to Daniel Cormier at UFC 261 and give entire crowd middle finger in response to X-rated chant

Watch Jake Paul square up to Daniel Cormier at UFC 261 and give entire crowd middle finger in response to X-rated chant

JAKE PAUL squared up to Daniel Cormier and stuck his middle finger up at the booing crowd as he gatecrashed an exciting UFC 261.

The YouTube star-turned-boxer, 24, beat ex-MMA ace Ben Askren in the ring last weekend before calling out retired American star Cormier.

And after being spotted by the crowd at Florida's VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, Paul was roundly booed.

At one stage, supporters broke into a rousing chant of 'f*** Jake Paul'.

The 3-0 boxing ace waved his arms in the air as he egged on the crowd – before sticking his middle finger up in the direction of the stands.

Paul's appearance also seemed it irk the usually calm and jovial Cormier, as the pair squared up to each other in the stands.

A fired-up Cormier confronted the outspoken Disney star and wagged his finger in his face between fights.

Shortly afterwards, Cormier, 42, said: "I swear to god, I just saw Jake Paul.

"I pointed at him, I said, ‘Don’t play with me.’ Because I’ll slap him in the face. I don’t play those games."

Despite the heated confrontation and threatening to 'slap' Paul, Cormier has refused to entertain the prospect of fighting him.


During the latest episode of the DC & Helwani Show, he said: "This dude would never fight me.

"I would kill him. Why would I ever fight someone like that?

“But my immediate reaction was, ‘I can’t stand this kid.’ So it works!

"I can’t stand this kid! But who punches down?

"You don’t punch down to somebody. I’m the guy that’s in the Hall of Fame.

"I’m the guy that won two world championships at the same time.

“I’m not gonna punch down to some kid that’s on YouTube that’s, like, ‘Fight me!’ Like, why?"

After branding Cormier a 'fat boy' on Twitter, Paul took further aim at DC during an appearance on his brother Logan's podcast.

Jake said: “So many fake motherf****ers in this generation.

“Daniel Cormier, (mimicking) ‘That’s my boy Ben, he’s gonna beat Jake, he pushed him in the face so he’s gonna win now, chirp, chirp, chirp.’

"I knock him out and he’s on Twitter, ‘Ben, are you serious, bro, you went down like that? Ben are you kidding me? Ben, I can’t believe you did that to the MMA community.’

"Shut the f*** up b*. I’ll beat the f*** out of your fat ass too, just like Stipe [Miocic] did.

"I swear to God, I’ll beat the f*** out of Daniel Cormier.”

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