WhatsApp reveals three hidden features that every iPhone and Android user should know

WhatsApp reveals three hidden features that every iPhone and Android user should know

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WhatsApp is no stranger to pushing out regular updates to its chat app with the Facebook-owned firm recently adding Disappearing Messages, Multi-device Support and Joinable Calls that allow users who miss the start of a group video conversation to join at any time. These are all useful additions but there are plenty more features that fans of this service can now use and it’s likely that many won’t be fully aware of them.

To help remind the billions of people who chat via the app every day, WhatsApp has released a guide to three new features that are now available on both Android and iPhone which include seeing previews of links within chats and being able to edit images via both a phone and WhatsApp on the web.

If you are an avid WhatsApp user then here are all the best features that you may not have realised existed.

WEB MEDIA EDITOR: When you’re collaborating, you actively move between your phone and your computer. But if you wanted to edit an image that you’re sending you previously couldn’t do that on WhatsApp web and would have to go back to your phone. WhatsApp says it has now changed this and added the media editor to the web experience.

So you can now edit images on your computer as you do on the app.

LINK PREVIEWS: Links can be conversation starters; people like to talk to their friends about what they read, watch and listen to online.

In a bid to boost this experience WhatsApp has now improved how people can see previews of links so now you can see the full preview when you send it and people receiving the link have much more context about what you have sent and what they are about to see or read.

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STICKER SUGGESTIONS: Who doesn’t love to add a sticker to other chats? However, to use a sticker during a WhatsApp conversation, you normally have to go through multiple tabs to find the right sticker you want to use. This can disrupt the flow of conversations and sometimes you can’t find the sticker you were looking for immediately. WhatsApp is now making finding the right sticker faster and easier.

Now with contextual stickers, you will be prompted sticker suggestions as you type, enabling you to find that right sticker at the right time to accurately express yourself.

WhatsApp promises that it has built this feature with privacy in mind, so the firm can’t see your searches and your personal messages are always protected by end-to-end encryption.

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