Who Is Connor Brennan On Katie Thurston’s 2021 ‘Bachelorette’ Season?

Who Is Connor Brennan On Katie Thurston’s 2021 ‘Bachelorette’ Season?

There are some contestants on The Bachelorette who you just know early on are going to be fan favorites. (Brendan Morais and Mike Johnson, anyone?) Well, there’s someone new to put on your radar for Katie Thurston’s season.

His name is Connor Brennan (aka Connor B) and he’s getting some early buzz. In true Bachelor Nation fashion, Connor, 29, pulls a little stunt on night one to grab Katie’s attention. It’s a bit schticky, but he certainly makes an entrance by getting out of the limo in a cat costume. It’s a sweet nod to Katie’s cat, Tommy.

So, who is the guy behind the cat costume? Here’s everything you need to know about Connor B.

He’s a math teacher.

That’s what’s listed as his official job, according to his Bachelorette bio, which calls him a “lovable, quirky and charming eighth-grade math teacher.” Apparently, Connor is a newbie to teaching, because he just shared in an Instagram post that he “survived my first year as a teacher.”


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BTW: He taught music at a local high school, too:


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…but he’s also a musician

Connor has an album on Spotify called Rough Draft, and it’s giving off some indie vibes. “Nashville i’m here to write songs and eat ice cream, and i’m all out of ice cream,” Connor wrote in his bio. He also lists himself as a songwriter and “dueling pianist” in his Instagram bio.


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He’s pretty hilarious.

Seriously, just check out his Instagrams. Connor jokes about losing at tug of war to a bunch of eighth-graders and cracks total Dad jokes in his captions. Evidence:


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He’s a spin instructor, too.

Or he used to be? It’s unclear. Connor has an entire Instagram Stories section dedicated to his spinning classes at CycleBar, although they haven’t been updated in a while. You can peep pictures of Connor going all in, and wearing hilarious outfits for theme rides.

He owns his own tux.

Apparently, this is a big thing for Connor, because it’s mentioned in his Bachelorette bio. He also modeled said tux on Instagram while being a prom chaperone.


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He’s looking for love.

This is The Bachelorette, after all! Connor “is looking for a woman who will share his enthusiasm and zest for living every day to its fullest,” his bio reads. He also wants someone who is “genuine, kind, socially accepting and open-minded” and they need to “love his family as much as he does.”

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