Why Melania Trump’s Final Task For Her Assistant Is Turning Heads

Why Melania Trump’s Final Task For Her Assistant Is Turning Heads

Former first lady Melania Trump has been showing signs of being “checked out” of politics for quite a while now, with reports citing that she has been noticeably absent from many events as of late (via Yahoo! News). From refusing the traditional tea and tour visits and protocols between first ladies, which Ashley Biden called “unfortunate” in an interview with Today, to talking badly about the tradition of the first lady’s job at Christmas, saying “Who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff and decorations?” (via W Magazine), Trump seems to be in quite an ambivalent state. According to the Irish Times, a source recently told Vanity Fair, “She just isn’t in a place mentally or emotionally any more where she wants to get involved.”

But now she appears to be so checked out that she’s allegedly asking her assistants and other staff members to complete some of her first lady duties for her, making a peaceful transition of power a little less peaceful.

Trump refused to write 'thank you' notes to her staff

A pivotal duty of the first lady before she leaves the White House is addressing and thanking her staff for their four years of work — but it would appear that Trump wasn’t interested in participating. According to a source at CNN, she refused to write “thank you” notes to her White House staff, who have cared for her and her family through Donald Trump’s presidency. Roughly 80 staff members were given typed notes, which were written by Trump’s assistant “in her voice” and signed by the first lady (via CNN). The source at CNN continued, saying Trump allegedly “just wants to go home,” and is “not sad to be leaving” the White House.

It’s behaviors such as these that make it unsurprising that Trump has the lowest approval rating of any first lady, sitting at 47% as she leaves the White House (via Hollywood Life).

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