Women are lifting furniture with their big boobs in bizarre viral trend

Women are lifting furniture with their big boobs in bizarre viral trend

Social media can sometimes be a whole other world of strange trends and life hacks – with something new going viral every week.

One viral trend has seen women holding up kitchen utensils and mixing bowls but tucking them into their underboob while going braless.

However, some large-breasted women have upped the game by using their assets to carry around furniture instead.

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Some of the clips, which have been shared online this week, have seen women lifting tables and chairs with their boobs after replying to a woman who was holding a tupperware box under hers.

Keyona (@keyonat03) responded to a clip, which said: "I found a girl who has better tattas than you."

In the caption on her video, which gained over 6.1million likes, Keyona wrote "I am her", while carrying a coffee table under her huge boobs.

She even did a cheeky dance, which made the table swing but it remained in place.

A second woman, named Hannah Anderson (@whatnowhaters), gained 7,000 likes when she also took up the challenge.

Hannah filmed herself with a blue kids' play table hooked under her boobs.

She wrote: "A whole table, def deleting."

However, another woman, who posts under the username @fat..girl98, pushed the trend to its limits.

She responded to the clip with a table and chairs hooked under her boobs – gaining more than 750,000 likes.

In the caption, she added: "Alright that's enough!!

"TikTok got a hold on me. Got me picking up everything around the house."

Viewers were left howling at the videos as they took to the comments with more suggestions on what to take on next.

One user commented: "All right, I was going to hit this since everybody is doing it, but I don’t think I can beat a whole table."

Another wrote: "I was so impressed thinking it was just the two chairs and then I saw the table."

A third asked: "Has anyone done a vacuum?"

"Why isn’t this like a legit competition," a fourth added.


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