Wrestling fans go wild as Kenny Omega unveils AEW Fight Forever release date

Wrestling fans go wild as Kenny Omega unveils AEW Fight Forever release date
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    Wrestling fans rejoice: you will soon be able to live out your fantasies of being put in a headlock and hit round the head with a folding chair without so much as a scratch.

    The long-awaited AEW: Fight Forever game has finally been given a firm release date for Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch, meaning we're just weeks away from next-gen wrestling action.

    The game promises to bring together signature wrestling moves and some of the most popular AEW wrestlers with a 'deep career mode', huge customisation tools, and even online co-op Tag Team modes.

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    According to Kenny Omega, Executive Vice President at AEW and former AEW World Champion, the game will be released on June 29th, 2023 for £49.99.

    AEW: Fight Forever will be made available on all popular gaming platforms including PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox, meaning you'll be able to play it no matter what your console of choice is.

    The news will be music to the cauliflower ears of wrestling fans, who have been eagerly awaiting a release date for the game since it was first announced in 2020.

    In a Twitter video, Kenny Omega said: "It's been quite some time we announced our first foray into the videogame world, AEW Fight Forever."

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    "We wanted to develop an arcade experience that was fun easy to pick up and play but difficult to master. We believe that AEW and our partners with YUKES have created that experience."

    In a statement, Mr Omega added: "AEW: Fight Forever has exceeded my highest expectations, and I'm confident that June 29 will be a momentous day for wrestling fans and gamers alike."

    If you want to preorder the game now, you can do so over on THQ Nordic's website.


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