Your Kindle may have just received exciting free upgrade from Amazon

Your Kindle may have just received exciting free upgrade from Amazon

Some Kindle owners are getting a big free upgrade this week that brings major, and pretty useful, changes to these popular Readers. The update is being pushed out to the premium Scribe device which was announced late last year during Amazon’s autumn product event.

For those not already aware, the Scribe features a huge 10.2-inch screen for browsing the latest best sellers but there’s also a handy digital stylus included which allows owners to scribble on the display and make notes whilst they are reading.

This device already offers more features than standard Kindles but things are now getting even better for those that have splashed out on one.

Perhaps the most useful change is the option to send documents right from Microsoft Word to the Scribe. This update means pages, letters and reports can be read on the eReader with marks and annotations then made using the stylus.

The next change helps navigate existing notebooks you may have already made on the device.

The so-called Birds Eye View, lets you see a total of nine notebook pages at once. Until now you had to swipe through each page separately but that’s all changed and it should make it easier to help you get context of the content of your notebooks. Plus users will now have access to add/insert pages, move a single page, and delete a single page right from that new view.

Along with Word compatibility and Birds Eye View, Scribe users get improvements when looking at PDFs. Amazon is promising that content will now include the ability to increase or decrease contrast, one of the most requested features for Kindle Scribe.

The contrast slider will be available in PDF documents imported via Send to Kindle and PDF Kindle catalog content and will enhance readability for reviewing and annotating PDFs.

Finally, a two-column layout setting in landscape book reading is now included. This means owners will now have the option between one or two-column displays when their device is in Landscape orientation.

The update is rolling out now. If that’s got you thinking of buying a Scribe it costs £329.

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With an expansive 10.2-inch display, weeks of batter life, access to the biggest ebook store on the planet, and a stylus that never needs to be recharged to make annotations in books, sign PDFs and more …this is the most ambitious Kindle ever launched by Amazon

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