Your Weekly Tarot Reading Knows You're Facing a Challenge

Your Weekly Tarot Reading Knows You're Facing a Challenge

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


Strength is a powerful card about how life’s trials ultimately make us all wiser, stronger, and better people. Although we don’t appreciate them when they’re happening, the best life lessons tend to come from challenge, failure, and hardship. We learn more when we’re forced to see things differently. Strength’s presence this week is a nudge for us all to reflect on our personal growth, inner strength, and hard-earned wisdom. Appreciate how far you’ve come!


Things are a lot right now. You feel physically and mentally drained. There are too many potential issues, and demands, and challenges, and they’re all coming up at once. Okay, Aries. It’s time to take action. The Ten of Wands says you need to streamline your schedule, commitments, and priorities. Less is more. Clear the deck, and then re-assess what’s important. You’ll feel better, promise.


Procrastination is an old friend of yours, Taurus. You love to think deeply and carefully about every choice you face. But the Page of Swords is a little ~red flag~ that this process is taking too long, and it’s time to make your final choice. Don’t worry that you’ll get it wrong—you won’t. The only wrong thing would be to carry on deliberating instead of taking action. It’s time to make your move.


Death brings transformation, dramatic change, and renewal. For the week and month ahead, you’re going through this process. You’re shedding an ~old skin~, growing into a new you, and preparing to face the world with a different perspective. People will notice the changes. You will feel different. This is a good thing—don’t try to stop it. You’re adapting in necessary and exciting ways.


Security is a major need in your life right now, Cancer. You have to feel safe. Being in control of your health, money, home, and work are all important in creating a sense of safety. The King of Pentacles sees you taking charge of these areas this week, and introducing positive changes and upgrades to make you feel better about everything. No one else can do this for you. Go make your life better.


You absolutely adore being loved and praised, Leo. Compliments fill you with good vibes. Attention makes you feel confident. It’s going to be a great week, because the Three of Pentacles shows that others are admiring and appreciating everything about you, and they’re in a position to bring you rewards, advancements, and opportunities. This is a week to show up and show off. Good things will follow!


Prepare for a friendly week ahead, Virgo. Fill your schedule with appointments and people that make you feel relaxed, at peace, and happy. The Knight of Cups gives you permission to loosen up, but in a very Virgo-y way—nothing too OTT or outrageous. Maybe take a nice walk, get coffee with your friends, have a quiet intimate dinner, go to cocktail hour after work on Friday…whatever gets you going, go there.


Spirituality is sometimes a tricky theme for you because you are analytical and objective. You’re want to find out how and why things work, rather than take things on trust. A new mood emerges this week, though, with the psychic, intuitive High Priestess. You want to tune in, meditate, daydream, and try out some esoteric or spiritual rituals to get in touch with your subconscious and intuition. Make time for solitude. Meditate. Try something different. There are insights waiting to emerge.


The King of Pentacles accumulates of power and wealth, which he shares wisely to make his entire corner of the world a better place. This is you at your best. You are a strong, ambitious character, and you go after what you want. You also look after those around you, and you’re very loyal and caring (to those who deserve it…). Be like the King of Pentacles this week, Scorpio. Work on achieving your goals and remember to share with others along the way.


Sometimes you’ve got to bare your teeth, speak up, and hustle your way to the table. The Knight of Swords brings this combative energy to your world this week, Sagittarius, and it’s for a good cause. You feel like you need to stand up for yourself. Lucky for you, you’re a fire sign, so this kind of competitive behavior comes naturally to you. Summon your courage and make sure you’re heard. You are on the right side.


The Four of Wands is a dream card for you, Cap, because it promises that your hard work is being noticed and appreciated—and will soon be rewarded, too. You love to hear it! This card is like getting a gold star from the universe for a job well done. You deserve everything coming your way, whether that’s a raise, promotion, public recognition, or a private favor. Sometimes this card can hint at a future change of home or location, linked to work or study, so if that’s on your mind, go for it.


Aquarius, you ARE the Queen of Swords. She represents air signs, specifically the independent, truthful, intellectual side of this element. So, these are the characteristics you need to lean into this week. You’re probably working on something alone, and it’s challenging you intellectually. You love a puzzle. Bring all of your strengths to this task, and you will make more progress than you currently think is possible.


Major love life developments are coming this week, Pisces, so prepare for romance and intrigue. If you’re single, look out for water signs (Scorpio, Cancer, and fellow Pisces) and if you’re attached, then it’s time for a glowing heart-to-heart with your other half and a confession of your deepest feelings (which ARE reciprocated). The Two of Cups means all is going to go well for you in love. Enjoy!

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