Youve been cooking roast veg wrong – MasterChef judge shares tasty greens tip

Youve been cooking roast veg wrong – MasterChef judge shares tasty greens tip

Apparently, you've been cooking your roast veg wrong.

But fear not, a MasterChef judge revealed her Michelin-star technique to perfect your greens galore to impress all around the dinner table.

So, want to cook the best Sunday roast yet?

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Well, Poppy O'Toole, who is Michelin trained, has all the answers you need to make sure your vegetables are up to the same standard as your meat and roasties.

The judge of Young Masterchef lost her job as a junior sous chef at the start of the Covid lockdown in March 2020.

With a lot of spare time on her skilled hands, Poppy took to TikTok to help educate others and now boasts 3.5million followers.

Although she is the self-proclaimed 'potato queen', the chef decided to get hands on with a bunch of greens this time around.

In a clip that racked up thousands of views, the masterful chef shared her top tips on how to nail the tastiest vegetables.

And, you might want to throw your usual method out the window (not literally).

After having chosen broccoli, peas and beans, Poppy chopped the greens up and boiled them for only three minutes.

While the veggies were in the saucepan, she fried some bacon pieces along with red onion with a tad of garlic.

Having mixed all the ingredients together in the frying pan, Poppy stirred them together before finishing them off with some parsley and a knob of butter.

Bacon and onion not your friends? Well, lets just say that the butter is the important part to scoring a 10/10 in Poppy's eyes.

Speaking to MailOnline, the MasterChef judge revealed that adding a few extra ingrediancts to your veg is a real game changer.

Poppy explained: "'A roasted vegetable's best friend is honey. I don't think you can beat honey-roasted parsnips, or carrots.

"I'd forget the boiling and go straight into the oven with dashings of honey for the perfect accompaniment for any roast."

This is where the butter comes in – and it sounds delicious.

"Another best friend of the veg is butter, but you can level this up by adding a 'compound' butter to your veg", the chef said.

"This is just pre-mixing your butter with things like garlic, or soft herbs like basil, parsley or rosemary, and then adding this butter to your beans, carrots, or peas after cooking.

"A delicious topper to take them to the next level."

However, if you really want to blow the socks off of your dinner guests then the BBC judge urged foodies to "pimp up" their peas with bacon bits – and even add some crumbled feta too.

Poppy added: "Just sautee off your bacon, add your boiled peas, serve up and crumble bits of feta throughout.

"It's my favourite way to eat peas and makes roasts that little bit fancy."

Poppy is currently grilling contestants with fellow judge Kerth Gumbs on Young MasterChef, with the final airing tomorrow (23 January) at 8pm on BBC Three.


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