A Place in the Sun’s Ben Hillman shut down by guest over offer advice ‘That’s silly!’

A Place in the Sun’s Ben Hillman shut down by guest over offer advice ‘That’s silly!’

A Place In The Sun: Yorkshire couple unwilling to pay full price

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Ben Hillman was helping couple Gary and Jane find their dream holiday home in the Spanish town of Casares on the Costa Del Sol in Wednesday’s A Place in the Sun. The Channel 4 presenter was hoping to find the couple a spacious property for £160,000 however when Ben questioned Gary’s haggling technique, the guest hit back at the host. 

Gary and Jane had visited the Costa Del Sol many times but were strangers to Casares.

Ben asked why they had their sights set on a holiday home in that particular region. 

Gary replied: “Well when you look at how south it is and you can get more for your money.

“You’ve got more daylight hours, more sunshine, it’s just a nicer climate.”

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The couple revealed they wanted a spacious property with plenty of storage to house their sporting equipment. 

“We’re both qualified scuba divers,” Jane revealed and Gary added: “We do a lot of inland kayaking.”

Ben’s property search didn’t get off to a great start but he certainly saved the best till last. 

Before showing the couple his fifth property, they admitted there was just one contender. 

However, they changed their minds with the final property and revealed it offered everything they were looking for. 

After seeing all of the properties, the couple confirmed they wanted to place an offer on the three-bedroom townhouse in La Duquesa. 

The property was on the market for £162,162 but Gary wanted to put forward an offer of £152,500.

As they waited for the owner’s response, Ben questioned how high Gary would be prepared to go. 

“We love the property,” he replied. “But the Yorkshire in me doesn’t want to pay full price because that’s silly.”

When their initial offer was rejected, the couple agreed to raise their price to £155,000.

“That’s a reasonable price for that property,” Jane noted and Ben added: “Look what you’re getting for that money.”

Ben quickly told the couple their offer had been accepted: “You’ve done so well. Are you over the moon?”

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“We’re chuffed,” Gary answered before Jane quipped: “You’ve got some spare cash.”

Gary joked he could buy some scuba equipment and a kayak with the extra money before Ben warned he’d need more storage.

“You’re alright,” Jane told the presenter. “You’ve done your job, Ben.”

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 3pm.

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