Adam Collard emotionally opens up on strained relationship with estranged mum

Adam Collard emotionally opens up on strained relationship with estranged mum

Love Island legend Adam Collard has opened up about his "strained" relationship with his estranged mum.

The 27 year old is currently appearing on the E4 dating show Celebs Go Dating, and after he spoke about wanting to take Lottie Moss to meet his family, the experts asked Adam about his family dynamic.

Paul Carrick Brunson asked: "Who in your family in particular, do you most want to have the approval of your partner?"

After some quick thinking, Adam explained that he would choose his step-mum.

He explained: "I feel like she's the one that will interrogate a little bit, you know?"

Adam was then asked if his biological mum is in his life, and he was quick to reply and say: "No, not since I was like 15, 16."

Paul then questioned if her not being around was his choice or not.

It then became clear that the conversation was becoming hard for the Geordie star, as he puffed his cheeks out and said that it was "heavy".

However, he summoned the courage to continue and answer the question as he explained: "It was like a situation where we had a bit of a strained relationship, and I was actually really close to her, and probably not so close to my dad.

"And then when they kind of split up, I went full circle, and then eventually there were some words that were said and some things that were put out there."

Adam bravely continued: "And everyone around us said, 'You are the kid, and you have tried, you don't have to try anymore.'"

Paul then asked him: "But even now, as you sit here in front of us, would you like to have a relationship with your mother?"

Adam was quick to respond as he said" no", explaining that he has a mum in the form of his step-mum.

He explained: "I have a mam, she's the best, she picked up everything."

As the conversation continued, Adam and the experts explained that what had happened with his mum could be the reason why he struggles to let people in when it comes to a romantic relationship.

The experts then explained to him that he now has to change the way he behaves when it comes to relationships, and it appeared to work as Adam smiled and said that it was "weird."

After the chat, Adam spoke to the camera on his own and admitted that he has some reflecting to do, but he was also thinking about Lottie.

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