Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Adams says the opinions of her exes 'don't matter to her' after she splits from Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Adams says the opinions of her exes 'don't matter to her' after she splits from Bear Brown

ALASKAN Bush People’s Raiven Adams says the opinions of her exes "don't matter to her".

Her statement comes just a few weeks after her bitter split from Bear Brown.

The couple broke up last month after speculation they were on the rocks.

Since then there has been allegations of cheating on his part, and Raiven has used social media as a way of expressing her heartbreak.

The reality star, 23, who is mom to Bear's child, has now said that she doesn't care what her ex has to say about her.

Sharing a video of herself dancing on TikTok, she wrote over the clip: "Everyone I know in person would say I am great mom and person.

"I do for others constantly so strangers opinions or my exes don't matter to me.

Raiven also wrote: "Exactly, I've had exes of my ex come to me and say 'oh wow, you're nothing like he said you were.'"

She ended it with: "Ex's def aren't credible sources [sic]."

Her latest statement comes after Bear also took to social media to deny rumors he had cheated on his ex-girlfriend.

The 33-year-old began his lengthy caption denying all allegations of infidelity with the motto of the US Marine Corps, “Semper Fidelis,” which means “always faithful.”

“Hey! I wanted to give an official update,” the dad of one began.

“Raiven and I have gone our separate ways, we split up over a month ago, I would like to also address some rumors I heard, I was never unfaithful to Raiven, I have always loved her and only her, she simply felt I was not what she’s looking for.”

Bear went on to say the break-up had “hurt his heart” and hadn’t been easy to go through having lost his dad just weeks before in February. 

Despite his sadness, however, Bear said he wished Raiven “only happiness and hope she finds what she is looking for in life.”

He ended the message by asking his fans to show respect to his baby mama and treat people how they would want to be treated.

Raiven confirmed her split from Bear in April after months of breakup speculation. 

The reality star then told fans a few days later that she will NOT be getting back together with her ex.

Alongside a black and white selfie on Instagram, Raiven explained there is no chance of her and Bear rekindling their relationship.

The lengthy caption began: "Before drama occurs I previously didn’t want to make a statement or discuss it online. But bear wants to post online so I will simply say.

"I am looking for a healthy positive relationship if I am to have one at all and a happy life for our son.

"As a couple we are unable to provide that for him so it is in rivers best interest we are separated.

"This will not happen again as I have closed this chapter in my life and have put my focus to providing a happy home."

Bear and Raiven gave their relationship a second shot in September 2020 when he met their son River, 1, for the first time. 

But Bear sparked split rumors when he wrote on social media in March: "Tonight my heart breaks…….. ?.”

While many people suggested the post was about his later father Billy Brown, who passed away in February at the age of 68, others seemed to believe Bear was referring to the end of his relationship.

Their romance has been toxic. 

After a year of dating, they announced their engagement in August of 2019, but split up just two weeks later.

Raiven revealed she was pregnant days after they announced their split.

Raiven filed a restraining order against her baby daddy, accusing him of threatening her and drug use during her pregnancy, but she later dropped the order. 

The Alaskan Bush People star was not there for the birth of his son in March 2020 and didn’t meet him until September 2020.

After the long-awaited reunion, the two revealed they were getting back together.

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