Alexander Dreymon updates fans on The Last Kingdom film update

Alexander Dreymon updates fans on The Last Kingdom film update

Alexander Dreymon thanks fans as The Last Kingdom wraps

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The critically acclaimed historical fiction television series, The Last Kingdom, aired its fifth and final season on Netflix last year, but fans will be pleased to know Alexander Dreymon and some of the clan are back with a feature-length film. The actor who plays the great warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburg, says it’s an “honour” to be a part of the upcoming project.

The highly anticipated release date for Seven Kings Must Die has been officially announced by The Last Kingdom’s Twitter account.

In a tweet that sent fans into a frenzy, it read: “Destiny Is All. Seven Kings Must Die premieres on @netflix Friday 14th April.”

The tweet was accompanied by four pictures in what appears to be a first glimpse into what fans can expect to see in Seven Kings Must Die.

Fans were quick to reply to the tweet, expressing their excitement for the upcoming film.

Alexander Dreymon returns to showcase his lead role as the great warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburg, who will be faced with more challenges as he rides across a fractured kingdom.

He won’t be alone as several of the series’ favourite characters will also be returning as they battle alongside, and against, new allies and enemies.

Following the death of King Edward, a battle for the crown continues, as rival heirs and invaders compete for power.

And when an alliance comes seeking Uhtred’s help in their mission, Uhtred faces a choice between those he cares for most and continuing Alfred’s (David Dawson) legacy.

The actor has revealed his excitement to feature in the follow-up film that will hit fans’ screens this spring.

He explained: “It has been such an honour to be part of telling this story for all these years. As an actor, I have been so challenged and gratified by the privilege of playing Uhtred.

“Hanging up Uhtred’s sword after filming Seven Kings felt, ironically, heavy – even though I know that our tale has reached its conclusion.”

He added:  “As an EP on the show, I could not be more proud of the hundreds of people who spent thousands of hours to make the best product possible. As for our loyal fans…what can I say? You are the reason we’ve reached this point.”

One thrilled fan @Sutton922 said: “The only Valentine’s Day gift I didn’t know I needed THANK YOU!!!! #DestinyIsAll #SevenKingsMustDie #TheLastKingdom.”

Another fan @PaceYourself22 commented: “Incredible show. Looking forward to this!” with a third @LordFleaBottom_ : “Finally!!!”

A fourth @Go35717632Jorge replied with a picture of Rod Hallett (who plays King Constantin) alongside the comment: “Finally, because I’ve been waiting for news about this movie for a long time, because The Last Kingdom was one of the best medieval series I’ve seen.”

They continued: “Probably in this tape Uthred faces in battle against King Constantin of Scotland.”

The series was based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories novel series and first premiered in October 2015 on BBC Two.

But in 2018, Netflix co-produced the second season, and the streaming giant then continued to solely produce the three following seasons, lasting for a total of 46 episodes across five seasons, with the final season airing on March 9, 2022.

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