Another killer in Coronation Street as Laurence exposed for murdering his wife?

Another killer in Coronation Street as Laurence exposed for murdering his wife?

We’ve known for a while that there’s something not quite right about Sean Tully’s (Antony Cotton) boyfriend, Laurence (Robert Shaw Cameron) in Coronation Street.

Last year, he was cagey and refused to open up about his family life and, as the storyline continued, Todd (Gareth Pierce) started to wonder if Laurence was hiding something.

Sadly, because it’s Todd – typical Todd – he ended up developing a bit of a crush on Laurence prior to the suspicions, which has now left Sean refusing to listen to the theory that he may have a dark secret.

The secret in question is about Laurence’s wife, who died on a skiing holiday.

Unable to shake the feeling Laurence may have had something to do with his partner’s death, Todd is given further food for thought when his taxi driver warns him that Sean needs to watch his back around the dentist.

After Todd updates him, Sean grabs his phone, finds the taxi app and shows Laurence a picture of the driver, but he makes out that he’s never seen Mitch before.

Over at Number 11, Eileen (Sue Cleaver) reveals that she’s found a picture online of Laurence and his wife with her arm around Mitch.

As the week continues, Mitch tells Eileen and Todd that he and Laurence were having an affair when Lindsey fell down the mountain and suspects Laurence pushed her, which leaves them shocked.

After breaking the news to Sean, he later discovers Laurence’s mini-break away involves mountains.

But what is going on?

Did Laurence push Lindsey?

And will history repeat itself with Sean?

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