Ballers season 6: Reggie star speaks out on potential HBO comeback ‘In a heartbeat’

Ballers season 6: Reggie star speaks out on potential HBO comeback ‘In a heartbeat’

Ballers: The Rock announces final season of show in 2019

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Over five seasons and almost 50 episodes, Spencer Strasmore (played by Dwayne Johnson) finally achieved what he’d set out to do in the HBO series finale. After obstacle upon obstacle was thrown the Kansas City Chiefs owner’s way in his quest to convince the NFL to provide players with healthcare, Spencer’s arc came to a rather satisfactory close – along with the likes of Reggie’s (London Brown) and Vernon (Donovan W Carter). But could a season six be on the horizon? And would the cast ever go back? Brown is one star certainly up for it.

Brown took on the part of Reggie in almost every episode of Ballers during its five-season run on HBO.

Renowned for getting on the wrong side of fans thanks to his obnoxious and brash attitude, Reggie eventually won the fandom over as his character developed to show more layers to the outlandish exterior. 

This was in no small part thanks to Brown’s brilliant portrayal of the character and by the time season five ended, Reggie had his happy ending as he landed a new career in the esports field.

But despite the series ending on a high for most of its main talent, when asked if he’d ever possibly return to the Ballers world, Brown didn’t hesitate: “I would go back in a heartbeat.”

Delving into the details of the cancellation, he continued: “The thing about Ballers is it just kind of ended. 

“We were still number one on HBO, it was still doing well with the ratings, I think Dwayne was just busy.

“So people always ask me like, ‘what happened?’ I’m like, ‘Yo, I would love to’ (go back).’”

And Brown isn’t just limiting his scope to a potential sixth season: “If they decided to just do a Ballers movie, at least just to close it all out.”

“I would definitely like to play Reggie again, he was fun,” he added to “I would like to play that again.

“But I would like to go back to season one Reggie, like the annoying one that everyone hated. 

“That was the most fun for me to play because he was the one that was so opposite to me. 

“So if they ever came back around with that I mean I would do that,” the actor added.

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With Brown behind the idea, fans will have to watch this space as to whether HBO or even elsewhere decide to give the series another go.

In the meantime, Brown is returning to screens later this month in Starz’ highly-anticipated Power spin-off series, Book III: Raising Kanan.

Set in early 90s New York, Brown takes on the role of Marvin, the uncle to the rebellious teenage drug dealer Kanan (Mekai Curtis) who wants to know more about how his family run things on the streets.

Power fans will be all too familiar with Kanan’s way thanks to 50 Cent’s portrayal of the character in the flagship series opposite the likes of Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren.

“Initially, I didn’t know that I was auditioning for Power,” Brown admitted of his new role. “I just thought that, because when I got the script, it had Power on it, but I remember being in New York, and there was a lot of advertising about the show coming to its final season. 

“So I thought the show was completely done, I didn’t know anything about other books or spin-offs or anything like that. So when I auditioned, I just thought that it was a fake title in order to protect the script, 

“I like okay, this is cool. So when I read it, I definitely liked the flow of it. By the time I actually found out that I was a part of Power, it still took a while, like, I think we are still in the middle of filming before I really realised that I’m a part of this Power universe, I really didn’t know. 

“It was strange but it’s great to be a part of it because I wanted to do it,” he added.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan premieres on Starz on July 18.
Ballers season 1-5 are available to buy and rent on Amazon Prime Video now.

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