Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans swoon as charter comes to an end with ‘perfect’ wedding

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans swoon as charter comes to an end with ‘perfect’ wedding

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Bravo’s hit reality series Below Deck returned to screens with its Sailing Yacht spin-off which left viewers in bliss. The most recent episode of the yachting series swapped out alcohol-fuelled drama to celebrate the wedding of an affluent guest.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht ended its third season on a high as the crew hosted their first wedding onboard the 54m Parsifal III.

They also welcomed a number of guests to celebrate the union of Allegra Gray and Gabe Szczepanek.

Viewers watched in admiration as the beloved Captain Glenn Shephard officiated their wedding before tucking himself into bed as the guests partied till sunrise.

Whereas Marco met demands in the kitchen to bake a three-tiered gluten-free wedding cake.

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The wedding party celebrated the newlyweds with the crew who had organised fun games and activities for everyone.

Which included a number of costumes and a trophy cup to award the winner.

Fans swooned over the ceremony as they expressed their glee on Twitter.

This included @BelowDeckJohn who noted positivity in the episode: “Feel good moment with this wedding on [Below Deck Sailing Yacht].”

Another fan anticipated a not-so-gleeful morning, @Teriedelson added: “They are gonna regret this night in the morning but it was damn funny.”

While @Namssas gave the crew recognition: “That wedding turned out beautiful, nice job.”

@_BLOUD tweeted: “This wedding is perfect.”

A fourth viewer @_mindvibeslife stated: “[Below Deck Sailing] crew is a vibe they put the wedding together nicely.”

After the astrology-themed dinner, love was also destined for chief stew Daisy Kelliher as she caught the bouquet.

The crew then partied the night away in Below Deck style as they did a round of hurricane shots with a technique they adopted from their Canadian guests last week.

First mate, Gary then spat his water out in Daisy’s face, while the other crew members were slurping drinks off Marco’s stomach.

Then Marcos and Ashley decided to jump off the side of the boat with their armbands.

According to their Instagram accounts, the bride Allegra Gray and groom Gabe Szczepanek tied the knot after spending years together as childhood sweethearts.

The pair had officially gotten married in June 2020, however, due to COVID-19 they weren’t able to celebrate their wedding the way they wanted to.

The wedding proved to be a huge success for the crew as the guests left the biggest tip of the season $23,000 (£18,911.06).

Below Deck is available on Bravo in the US and on HayU in the UK.

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