Billie Eilish seen stripping to her bra as world tour kicks off in Miami – The Sun

Billie Eilish seen stripping to her bra as world tour kicks off in Miami – The Sun

BILLIE Eilish was seen stripping to her bra as her world tour opened in Miami last night.

The 18-year-old superstar kicked off her Where Do We Go show in typically eye-popping fashion as she took to the stage at the American Airlines Arena in a bright green shirt with matching shorts.

Later, in a video package played to the crowd during a brief break between songs, Billie was seen stripping off her top to reveal her bra.

Fans were quick to capture the scenes shown on the huge video screen at the back of the stage, sharing them online and calling them "empowering".

They showed Billie – who normally wears baggy, loose-fitting outfits – with the majority of her body submerged and just her peroxide blonde hair and shoulders peeking out of black waters.

She then pulls her jumper off from over her head revealing her black bra underneath.

Billie started the show with the track Bury A Friend.

She gave an energetic performance which saw her sprawling around on the floor, before crawling to the other side of the stage.

The star later clambered up to the higher tiers of the venue to sit on the railings, hanging her legs over the side.

Fans were treated to a bumper show with a total of 22 songs – but were left waiting until song 21 for epic hit, Bad Guy. She rounded off with track Goodbye.

Billie, who was recently revealed as the voice of the latest James Bond theme tune, also performed the movie track No Time To Die.

The US leg of her tour ends on April 17 at CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

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