Blonde Trailer: Ana de Armas Embodies Tragedy of Fame as Ill-Fated Marilyn Monroe

Blonde Trailer: Ana de Armas Embodies Tragedy of Fame as Ill-Fated Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is forging her way through the “Asphalt Jungle” of Hollywood, one misstep at a time.

The trailer for Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde” reimagines the late screen legend’s legacy, with Ana de Armas transforming into a portrait of Monroe. The “Some Like It Hot” star’s love stories with “The Ex-Athlete” Joe DiMaggio (Bobby Cannavale), “The Playwright” Arthur Miller (Adrien Brody), and infamously “The President” John F. Kennedy (Caspar Phillipson) frame the feature, adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’ novel “Blonde.” The film premieres September 23 on Netflix.

Julianne Nicholson, Xavier Samuel, and Evan Williams also star, with Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Tracey Landon, and Scott Robertson all serving as producers.

Writer-director Dominik previously teased that “Blonde” is “critical of American sacred cows” like the aforementioned male titans. The “Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” visionary formerly confirmed disturbing sexual assault sequences and categorized the film as an “emotional nightmare fairy-tale type movie.”

Per an official logline, “Blonde” paints a fictional portrait of the life of the famed model, actress, and singer, chronicling her journey from Norma Jeane Baker, abused daughter of a single mother, to the most sought-after celebrity in the world.

“It’s a tragedy,” Dominik said to Collider earlier this year. “It’s sort of like an unwanted child who becomes the most wanted woman in the world and has to deal with all of the desire that is directed at her, and how confusing that is. It’s kind of a nightmare. It’s about being in a car with no brakes. It’s just going faster and faster and faster.”

Lead star de Armas called her own casting “groundbreaking” as a Cuban playing American icon Monroe. “I think I actually cried the first time I saw [the wigs] on,” de Armas said of getting into character as Monroe. “Probably because I was terrified. But I’m so proud.”

Author Oates tweeted that the film is “startling, brilliant, very disturbing and perhaps most surprisingly an utterly ‘feminist’ interpretation,” adding that Dominik has done the impossible: “Not sure that any male director has ever achieved anything [like] this.”

For all the details on “Blonde,” click here. Check out the trailer below.

“Blonde” premieres September 23 on Netflix.



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