Bradley Walsh's most hilarious unseen bloopers – from his dirty jokes to falling off stage

Bradley Walsh's most hilarious unseen bloopers – from his dirty jokes to falling off stage

THE Chase fans celebrated Bradley Walsh's most hilarious moments from 2020 in a new bloopers special.

Some of his most funny moments showed the popular presenter in stitches at his own jokes and falling off the stage.

"Bradley's one of the best hosts around," wrote one Twitter user as The Chase host told one contestant he didn't plan on talking to him much because "you're driving me a bit mad frankly".

Another fan added: "Haven’t laughed so much as #TheChase Bloopers. Brad acts like a child."

Here we look back at some of Bradley's funniest moments from this year.

1. Taking a tumble

Poor Bradley almost lost his legs after taking special care to make sure his celebrity guest was standing in the right spot.

The host walked over to acclaimed actor Omid Djalili who was standing in front of the board talking to his fellow contestants sitting behind their desk.

"Come over into your light, Omid," Bradley instructed.

So focused on where Omid was standing as he walked backwards, Bradley didn't notice he was walking straight off stage.

Flailing his arms around to try and get his balance, the 60-year-old was eventually saved by Omid.

2. Red Balls

Bradley got very red faced over a joke about red golf balls and could not stop laughing no matter how hard he tried.

The question that set him off was: "which author painted his balls red so he could play golf in the snow?"

The host wheezed with laughter and couldn't get a breath in, as he doubled over.

Even the contestants in the background giggled along, with the one standing at the board needing to check on Bradley.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

The answer was, Rudyard Kipling (The Jungle Book), in case you were wondering.

3. Peter Reid

One poor contestant who didn't know anything about football sent Bradley off into hysterics when she incorrectly said former Liverpool star Peter Crouch was an actor.

The question put to her was "He's big, He's red, His feet stick out the bed, was a chant often sung about which footballer?"

The answer options were Bradley's good mate, Peter Reid, Peter Shilton and Peter Crouch.

He found the three options hilarious, but could not stop the giggles when the contest thought the answer was Peter Reid – when in fact it was Crouch.

Bradley laughed uncontrollably, "I gotta tell Reidy."

4. Not all in the family

A question about which famous people recently found out they were distantly related (it was Ant & Dec), made Bradley scoff saying a lot of people could be distantly related.

"I mean it's nonsense that, innit?" he said to the contestant.

"I am closely related to Joe Pasquale. I mean distantly I could be related to YOU," he looked over the contestant.

Without skipping a beat, she bluntly replied: "oh, that's a thought."

Her cool response made everyone laugh, but a shocked Bradley just looked blankly at the camera.

5. Bradley, the Vampire Hunter

A question about the part of the body where a vampire bat is most likely to bite a human, really got the host into a tizz.

When 'toe' popped up as an option he completely took the mickey, not believing it could be true.

"Because that's something you do, you go hunting for bats in flip flops," he said to the camera before mimicking the action of a person trying to kick a bat off their feet.

He then plonked his leg up onto the board to make it look like he was shooing a bat away from this foot.

But then Bradley was in complete disbelief when the answer actually was toe and burst into uncontrollable laughter.

It's no wonder fans love Bradley as he proves himself the King of Christmas TV — with a huge 18 appearances on the box over the festive season.

The star, 60, shone on both BBC1 and ITV, showing off his acting and presenting talents.

Bradley became a household name playing factory boss Danny Baldwin in Coronation Street from 2004.

This year, he landed a £2million boost, making him the UK’s best-paid presenter after Ant and Dec.


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