Chloe Ayling drops out of Ex On The Beach as ‘she’s terrified of seeing Jermaine Pennant’s ex wife Alice’ on show

Chloe Ayling drops out of Ex On The Beach as ‘she’s terrified of seeing Jermaine Pennant’s ex wife Alice’ on show

MODEL Chloe Ayling has dropped out of Ex On The Beach over fears she will come face to face with Jermaine Pennant's ex wife.

The 23-year-old was due to take part in the MTV series this year with Jermaine, 37, after he split from his wife in March 2020.

MTV bosses hoped the pair would battle out their differences two years after the footballer climbed into bed with Chloe as they appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018.

Chloe said she was left "speechless" when she found out their bedroom fling had happened while Jermaine was married to Alice Goodwin, 34.

The Billericay Town midfielder broke up with his wife of six years six months after the show came to an end.

In a shock Ex On The Beach twist, it had been planned to reunite Jermaine and his ex-wife alongside Chloe for the first time since her sensational claims.

Following her exit from the Big Brother house, Chloe revealed how she was "intimate" in bed with the former Arsenal champ.

But now, Chloe has backed out of the MTV show over fears of having to come "face to face" with her love rival.

A source exclusively told The Sun Online: "Chloe was terrified when she realised she'd be coming face to face with Alice.

"She has now dropped out of the show to avoid it. It would be a super-uncomfortable situation and Chloe doesn't want all that drama kicking off on TV."

Big Brother viewers had seen love rat Jermaine writing "I like you" in eyeliner to model Chloe and kissing her face, but he failed to tell her he was married.

She told The Sun how the former soccer star admitted he had a girlfriend but told her the relationship “was f***ed” – only later to find out about his marriage to lads mags star Alice.

Chloe admitted “something physical” did happen with Jermaine after she got “caught up in the moment” while the pair shared a bed – a claim the footballer denied.

She told Sun Online: “When me and Jermaine shared a bed one night in the Big Brother house something intimate did happen when I was under the impression he was single."

After their encounter, Chloe said Jermaine told her in the bathroom: "Tell no one what f***ing happened" to cover up their fling.

Chloe said that she confronted Jermaine for the first time about his behaviour during the show’s after party – but brazen Jermaine was adamant his marriage was over.

Despite this, and being  caught sneaking into a hotel with Chloe Ayling at 5am, Jermaine returned home with Alice.

He and his now ex-wife appeared on E4's Celebs Go Dating as an attempt to mend his broken marriage and convince Alice to start a family.

While the pair underwent therapy together on the seventh series of the show, he addressed the incident for the fist time with Alice.

“I was on a show and a scenario occurred where I was flirting," he explained to his wife as he tried to patch things up.

"I overstepped the mark a little bit and wasn’t thinking about the consequences. I said I wasn’t married.”

The sportsman explained he had apologised to his wife, and as they appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show, she insisted she believes he "never cheated".

He said of the situation: "It’s not nice and she has been embarrassed. I have to be a man and own up to it. I flirted too much and I took the banter too far."

Jermaine and Alice called quits on their relationship six months after the incident, deleting all evidence of their relationship from social media.

Alice was seen ditching her wedding ring, after Jermaine upgraded her rock with £50,000 worth of extra diamonds to prove his love for her.

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