Claudia Winkleman reveals genius way BBC keeps The Traitors apart from The Faithful | The Sun

Claudia Winkleman reveals genius way BBC keeps The Traitors apart from The Faithful | The Sun

CLAUDIA Winkleman has revealed some of the Traitors show secrets – as the hit BBC murder mystery series has fans hooked.

The show sees a group of contestants trying to work out who the real traitor of the pack is.

Fans have been hooked on the brand new series, which is presented by Strictly's Claudia Winkleman.

It is a reality game show that involves 22 contestants, and some of them are chosen to be The Traitors.

Since the show first aired in October, viewers have been on the edge of their seats as the contestants kill each other off in a savage game of who’s who.

Now, the host, Claudia, 50, has answered one of the burning questions left by viewers across social media as she spoke to BBC Radio 2 host Scott Mills, 49.

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During their chat on the popular radio show, Scott asked Claudia: "How do they get all of the Traitors back to the castle without the others spotting them?"

He added: "How do they keep everybody apart when the Traitors are picking who to kill off?"

And the Strictly Come Dancing host, replied: "By the way, I'm not joking, I'd like to think the most important thing was what fingerless gloves I was wearing, but it's just not true. The most important thing is that they never find out."

The BBC presenter then revealed all the show’s secrets: "So everybody goes off, they all get in the car, the clock strikes, they all go off. The Traitors meet much later. They're all staying in different places, they have no phones. They're man-marked."

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Man-marking means to use your body, actions and words to purposely impede, confuse and generally sabotage your fellow opponent.

She continued: "Don't know if you've ever played netball Scott? I wasn't very good at it, but it is about marking – they are man-marked. They are going to individual places and then quite a while later, the Traitors are brought back."

The show has already become a hit and it will now be returning for another run next year, as the BBC has landed a deal with Studio Lambert following its climactic debut last month.

On arriving at a grand Scottish castle, a small group are secretly selected by the host to be "traitors", after which the remaining "faithfuls" get eliminated by being "murdered" by the traitors.

The prize sees the winner could get £120K.

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