Coronation Street Stu ‘in danger’ as fans spot rival prisoner’s sinister actions

Coronation Street Stu ‘in danger’ as fans spot rival prisoner’s sinister actions

Coronation Street favourite Stu Carpenter could be in danger even behind bars, as fans are sure they’ve spotted a fellow inmate who poses a huge threat to him.

Stu was arrested after attempting to convince Yasmeen Metcalfe he isn’t a murderer after serving 27 years in prison, but trapping Yasmeen in her home probably wasn’t the best route to go down.

He was imprisoned for breach of the peace by Craig, while breach of his parole meant he ended up behind bars yet again.

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With Zeedan getting suspicious after researching the potentially corrupt cop who forced a confession out of Stu, he’s been to visit the prisoner to find out the truth.

But during Wednesday’s episode (August 17), fans spotted another inmate in the visitation room with something rather sinister about him, as he sipped on a cup of water with another across from him – but no visitor to drink it.

Taking to Twitter to share the screenshot, fans were also sure they’d seen the same inmate listening to Stu’s conversation.

Could he be keeping tabs on the formerly homeless chef, then?

Fans certainly seem to think so, as one posted to Twitter: “Yes, yes, yes, homeless Stu and Zeedan.

“This miscarriage of justice stuff is very interesting but I’m more concerned about why the next prisoner over is sitting at a table on his own with two cups of water?”

Another quickly replied: “Yes and he was the same prisoner that was waiting for the phone listening to his conversation at the end of the show.

“Is this related or are they just saving money on the show LOL.”

Another social media user agreed: “I’m sure he’s up to something, he was watching Stu on the phone too. Threatening him and keeping an eye on him?”

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However, someone else suggested: “I would assume the person was on their way or maybe nipped to the toilet?”

As a fifth viewer joked: “Is he looking inside the cup? Pet spider inside it come to visit? Seems plausible.”

Elsewhere, some fans are certain that it’s actually Stu’s daughter Bridget who is responsible for the historic murder, with Stu confessing to keep her out of trouble.

His ex-wife Lucy’s name has also been put in the picture – especially after she turned up at Speed Daal to rage at Stu for attempting to contact the family again.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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