Danniella Westbrook 'seeking legal advice' after her nose is mocked by Gogglebox stars

Danniella Westbrook 'seeking legal advice' after her nose is mocked by Gogglebox stars

DANNIELLA Westbrook has claimed she is seeking legal advice after her nose was mocked on Gogglebox.

The Siddiqui family joked about the EastEnders star, 47, known for her nose collapsing at the height of her cocaine addiction in the 1990s.

In last Friday's episode, Baasit asked brother and father: "Would you rather have just one giant nostril or would you like to have just one giant eye?"

He said having one eye would make him look like a cyclops, but having one nostril would make him look like Danniella Westbrook.

In a furious rant on Twitter, the former actress wrote: "Thank you everyone for the support you gave me about the derogatory comments Channel 4 allowed the Siddiqui family to make.

"My manager is seeking legal advice as trolling is not something we should take lightly.

"And I for one am in shock that [Gogglebox creator] Tania Alexander allowed that to make the edit.

"The show has always been a favourite of myself and my family, was a real shame that we had to witness such cruel comments on World Kindness Day."

Danniella abused cocaine so badly that her septum – the cartilage that separates the two nostrils – fell out.

But she was backed by her followers, with one saying: "There's some b******s about! Then people wonder why mental health issues are on the rise."

Another added: "I don't watch Gogglebox so I'm sorry you had to witness that with your family as well. Hopefully something will be done. Have a great day and week."

Someone else said: "I'm so sorry you had to see something like that my lovely, keep fighting and trolling is never acceptable."

Danniella's first appearance as Sam Mitchell, the younger sister of soap bad boys Phil and Grant and the most iconic of her roles to date, came in 1990.

But her time on the show was not without drama as Danniella's cocaine use started to affect her work.

She was written out of the popular show in 1996, but later went on to return another two times.

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