Did Blake Lively get Armie Hammer fired from Gossip Girl?

Did Blake Lively get Armie Hammer fired from Gossip Girl?

HOLLYWOOD star Blake Lively and Armie Hammer had an on-screen love relationship during season 2 of Gossip Girl.

In an interview with Andy Cohen and Chelsea Handler back in 2017, Hammer claimed that he was forced to exit the show earlier than anticipated because he was allegedly booted off by someone from the cast.

Did Blake Lively get Armie Hammer fired from Gossip Girl?

It is unclear if Blake Lively played a role in Armie Hammer’s early departure from Gossip Girl.

Hammer was interviewed on After Show: Watch What Happens Live by Cohen and Handler who were begging to find out how his stint on the famous CW show resulted for him.

The actor appeared nervous when he was asked about the series and had used up his “skip the question” passes to avoid answering tough questions that were asked to him.

When asked about Gossip Girl and who was the “biggest diva” in the show, Hammer said: “I wish I could take all my passes back and use them all right now.

Adding: “Let me just say that was a tough show to film and I didn’t end up actually filming all the episodes I was supposed to because it was so tough.

Cohen was shocked at Hammer’s reply and begged for more answers, saying: “Oh really? So you were like, ‘Get me out of this?

Hammer interjected and corrected Cohen, insinuating that someone wanted him out, saying: “It was also like ‘Get him out of here’.”

What did Chelsea Handler tell Armie Hammer?

As the actor was explaining his issues on set, Cohen asked him who he played in the series, to which he reiterated that he was Lively’s love interest for season 2.

Handler interrupted Cohen and Hammer and said: “It sounds like she was the problem” to which he denied with a smile on his face.

Hammer clarified his words saying: “No, no, that’s not what I’m saying.”

Lively played the role of Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl for six seasons and was one of the show’s most popular characters.

Was Armie Hammer dropped from J Lo’s movie?

Hammer was dropped from Jennifer Lopez’s Shotgun Wedding film amid his alleged graphic "cannibal" messages scandal on social media.

In an exclusive on Wednesday, a source told The Sun that Jennifer, 51, wanted Armie out of Shotgun Wedding.

A source told us: "Jennifer is very concerned about the movie now these stories have come out."

"There have been a lot of phone calls and meetings about if they can still make the movie with Armie as the romantic lead."

The insider added: "A lot of people have suggested quietly dropping him from the project and I think Jennifer could agree to it."

Lionsgate reached the same conclusion, announcing that the actor would no longer be involved in the film.

"Given the imminent start date of  Shotgun Wedding, Armie has requested to step away from the film and we support him in his decision," a spokesperson for the production company said. Armie's role would be recast.

Additionally, Ryan Reynolds — Lively’s husband — is one of the executive producers of the film.

Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel is set to replace Hammer in the film.

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