EastEnders spoilers: Death trauma, Janine baby tragedy, Eve's plot against Nish

EastEnders spoilers: Death trauma, Janine baby tragedy, Eve's plot against Nish

Emotions are running high in next week’s EastEnders as further tragedy unfolds, with Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) taking a violent fall.

As she is rushed to hospital, with a passing Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) by her side, she fears she will lose her baby.

As Mick (Danny Dyer) gets a call, is terrible news set to follow?

Elsewhere, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) continues to hide the devastating truth about her prognosis from Lexi.

But, before long, she is left with little choice and intense emotions run high.

Monday November 21

It’s a busy day in The Vic but Linda is unwittingly left alone as Mick supports Janine at her first baby scan.

Sharon steps in to help but Mick and Janine soon return and Linda is wrong-footed to learn where they’ve been.

Alone, Janine relishes in winding Linda up about the pregnancy but Linda storms off to meet with her Community Payback Officer, Murray. Janine heads out alone and has an accident, falling down the stairs at the tube station.

It’s the day of Lola’s first radiotherapy appointment but she continues to hide the truth from Lexi about her prognosis.

Billy struggles to stay strong for Lola and Freddie catches him breaking down, forcing Billy to reveal that Lola’s not well. After some words of wisdom and encouragement from Freddie, Billy takes Lola to her appointment.

Rocky is excited for the football but when Harvey fails to show up to their pre-match drinks, he drags Mitch to look for him, realising they haven’t seen Harvey for several days.

With some help from Stacey, Rocky and Mitch enter Harvey’s flat and are taken aback to find a bewildered Harvey and a messy flat.

Harvey plays it down and reveals he’s started communicating with Sophia again after she ghosted him and is besotted. Suki and Nish return to the Square and Eve reaches out to Suki.  

Tuesday November 22 

Sharon reminds Mick to be sensitive around Linda when it comes to him and Janine but little do they know disaster has struck as Linda spots Janine with the paramedics.

In the midst of the football chaos, Mick misplaces his phone meaning Janine and Linda are unable to get hold of him.

Despite their differences, Linda misses her appointment with Murray to be by Janine’s side as they rush to the hospital.

Murray arrives at The Vic looking for Linda Shirley finds Mick’s phone and Mick’s stomach turns to learn what’s happened.

Ben is concerned about keeping Lexi in the dark as Lola struggles with the impacts of her treatment.

Jay, Billy and Ben encourage Lola to tell Lexi she still has cancer but she snaps and storms off.

Ben follows and pressures her into telling Lexi what’s going on, warning her Lexi will pick-up on it.  

Rushed off her feet, Kathy is irritated when Rocky is more concerned with Harvey than helping her.

Realising his error, Rocky rushes to the chippy and enlists Freddie and a reluctant Bobby’s helps to deep fry some cupcakes Kathy is struggling to sell.

His plan backfires however Bobby gives Rocky some insight into Kathy, and Rocky has yet another idea.

After a tense encounter with Suki and Nish, Stacey shares her concerns with Eve, questioning if Suki needs help.   

Wednesday November 23

Janine spots Mick and Linda together outside. When Mick returns, Janine confronts him about his whereabouts, stating she saw him with Linda.

Mick tries to justify his actions but has the rug pulled out from under him. 

Lexi overhears Lola talking and Lexi’s suspicions grow when a letter arrives for Lola, she takes it to read.

Lola later gets an alarming call – Lexi never showed up to school. Lola, Jay and Ben eventually find her in the park and Lexi shows them the letter, outlining Lola’s treatment – she knows the truth.

At home, Lola admits the truth to a concerned Lexi.

Rocky makes a shocking admission  to Mitch

Elsewhere, Eve is determined to help Suki and worms her way in with Nish offering him a business opportunity.

Nish tells Vinny he needs to step up running the call centre.  

Thursday November 24

Lola tries to cheer Lexi up and takes her out for the day. Later at The Vic, Lola worries Lexi is angry at her and when Janine says some harsh words about Lola’s parenting.

As Janine’s jibes continue, Lola tries to defend herself.

Alfie gets some bad news.

In the café, Alfie overhears Rocky talking about Harvey’s obsession with Sophia and Alfie points out he could be being ‘catfished’. Rocky does some fishing but Harvey assures him she’s the real deal, despite only ever messaging her.

The future looks up for Alfie and Sharon shares some words of wisdom.

Eve points out to Nish that his lawyer has been shafting them all these years.

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