Emmerdale fans left confused over Chas’ blunder amid Paddy’s disappearance

Emmerdale fans left confused over Chas’ blunder amid Paddy’s disappearance

Emmerdale viewers were left confused over Chas Dingle's blunder during Tuesday's episode amid her estranged husband Paddy Kirk's disappearance.

Only recently on the hit ITV soap, Paddy went missing after spending the night with ex Mandy Dingle.

To which the Dingle family have pulled together to create a search party for the missing vet as they worry about his whereabouts.

Only recently, PC Swirling revealed there had been a reported sighting of Paddy as the family were shown CCTV footage of the vet.

During Tuesday's episode after finding Paddy's hiding spot at a nearby guesthouse, a nervous Mandy and Chas went in search of him.

To which Mandy decided to stay at the guesthouse in case Paddy returned while Chas headed off.

However, the episode ended with Paddy watching the guesthouse from the opposite side of the road and as Chas' car pulled out, Paddy watched his estranged wife drive off as he walked in the opposite direction.

But viewers were left confused during the scenes as they questioned how Chas was unable to spot Paddy on the opposite side of the road while pulling out and how she didn't see him in her rear view mirror as he stood in the middle of the road.

Taking to Twitter, one soap watcher said: "Good job Mandy and chas aren't in the police , paddy hardly had great hiding place at all but still not spotted at all #emmerdale."

A different account put: "How did Chas not see paddy when she was driving out he was in front of her #Emmerdale."

Another follower wrote: "#Emmerdale when Chas was driving out Paddy must've run across the road so how the hell she not see him."

While a different viewer joked: "Must've had her b****y eyes closed. Ridiculous!"

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