Emmerdale Nicky and Caleb’s secret link ‘confirmed’ as fans spot tell-all clue

Emmerdale Nicky and Caleb’s secret link ‘confirmed’ as fans spot tell-all clue
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    Emmerdale fans are certain Caleb and Nicky are working together after the Home Farm nanny made a telling comment.

    Caleb was introduced as Cain and Chas's long-lost brother, while Nicky now works at Home Farm looking after Gabby and Dawn's children.

    Fans have been wary of both men ever since they arrived in the village, believing both have ulterior motives – and now they're convinced the pair are somehow linked.

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    During Thursday's instalment (March 30) of the ITV soap, Caleb walked in on Gabby and Nicky as things were about to get steamy.

    As the new couple begged Caleb not to mention anything to Kim, he made it clear that didn't sit well with him as Kim is his business partner.

    In a moment of anger, Nicky shouted at Caleb: "And you'd know all about telling the truth would you?" as he responded: "And who's saying I don't?"

    The comment from Nicky was immediately picked up on by fans as they rushed to social media to theorise the two must know each other more than they're letting on.

    "Nicky must know something about Caleb from that remark," wrote one viewer.

    Another added: "That was weird what Nicky said to Caleb," as a third shared: "Nicky knows something about caleb ……#Emmerdale".

    "I think Nicky has got something to do with Caleb….he's dodgy as," speculated someone else.

    Sharing their theory, a fifth commented: "I think Nicky is Caleb’s son.. their won’t be no advantage to Caleb catching Nicky and gabby together. He won’t gain anything from telling Kim. Something is amiss here with them 2 fellas".

    Another questioned: "Nicky and Caleb know each other don't they?"

    "Nicky and Caleb are working together some how Iv worked it out I don’t know what their end goal is but they are definitely working together," echoed a seventh person.

    While many believe their link is confirmed, others are certain Emmerdale villain Jamie Tate is somehow involved with the pair.

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